Today 09-20-2018 we are starting the program

Today 09-20-2018 we are starting the program tryning with the 2 yung blinds girls, that is a missis Iahun Nongsiej, and missis Iba Dhar. For the first things I explained to them about how I want to form to this organization, and why, fore what. Because I want to train with they brain’s, who can be a leader and then strong keep the correct answer to my question. They are doing good both of them, but for now I see missis Iba she is the best one in this day, yes I can say they are confuseing for both of them, but they are very happy and very interested to know and learn more. And after that they are going to cooking and cleaning they make it A lunch in the office of the Makerwala Trust and Blinds Lead Trust. And then they know very well that, after I teaching them about how to cook and use with the induction and rice cooker, also how they can take care of that, when we tuching to the power switch. So we have a great day too day, because we have very nice foods. So I hope we will come in front of the world, and then I will be able to Cline’s to the part of the space. Do you believe that? 🙂

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