Accessibility Camscanner and audio game hub.

On the 31-10-2018 I am searching the Blinds things accessibility are using, and then I found first it’s the accessibility Camscanner and the second is the audio game hub.

So the accessibility Camscanner apps are the best thing that blinds people used for the screenshot and then we can do it for the scanner for any documents and the photos and another things.

And the audio game hub is the best way to play for the Blinds people’s, yes it’s A nice to hear for this, because I want to test it. Also we want to train for the update own brain, when I said that it’s means. We can go to the game and playing it, and the opportunity to keep thinking. How we can make A news game and new apps. Also how we can make A nice design for the easiest way to use. And how we can imperverments for the Blinds society and so many things.

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