Continue Preparation for COVID-19, In Shillong.

We the Blind Lead Trust Organization, on the 23rd of March 2020. Again we have ordered 20 Bottles with the 20 leaders per each Bottle, the water dispenser for saving water in house to prevents of Corona Viruses outbreak in Meghalaya and around the world during this month of March until I don’t know when it will end of this Virus.

And we already stock and prepared the food systems, to safe our life of visually impaired people’ here.

For all the expenditure in our house of BLT, camed by Doctor Theodore Moallem. Also he is as a Join secretary of BLT. So we would like to thanks for him, he really concerned about Blind people and he always encourage for us, we trust him so much) because he never liar to us. Specialist for my self as we partner so I learning a lot from him. We are so lucky find Patna like him, if we do not met him we the blind people who has no education and no opportunities then we just sit at home.

By Jitendra Dkhar

Managing director of Blind Lead Trust Organization in Shillong Meghalaya India and co-founder along with late Dr. Theodore Moallem from USA.

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