3D Printer, step 3, and step 4.

I have learning how to fixing for the 3D Printer, through the help doctor Theodore Moallem. So we had been set up for the Z Swhich, and Z Motor) this is I do by my self I attach the Motor and also Z. Swhich on the corner of the 3D Printer. Together we lesson the video on the desktop, and we sit all together on the Mat in the floor) because we didn’t have Table yet at this time. It’s really necessary to learn more improvement for us, and then we will lead to all young visually impaired people’. I really interested , even fellows they are very interested) but as the part of learning we are not perfect but we will soon. We share round the people are sitting, and we put the 3D Printer in the middle) so that when we need to touch then we can explore or check out in which part are joining and need to fix it more things. Also the Captain of BLT Fellows, her name is Bandwina Khymdeit from Ribhoi district she was learnt all of the things and she also showed to everyone) at the same time we writing all of the name of that things in Braille notes. This is the steps that we are trying to organising by own self.

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