Google docx App for Android phones accessible.

I would like to tell the world about the Google docx App for Android phones, is not accessible so much for us visually impaired people’. I have been tested it with my phone , I used lava z 60 Android is 8.0 the accessibility version of it) is 6.0. so the problem of the App it’s jamble the letter when I wrote in my phone, and quite doesn’t tell me when I wrote the alphabet if I released my finger from the keyboard, also difficulty to delete if I missing something to writing, and other.

But we will explore with it as well as we can in the BLT, I think there is no tutorials commands shortcut keys for NVDA or accessibilities but I’m not sure.I just wanted to tell that how about Nokia 8.1? I have experience in the shop store so I saw the TalkBack accessibility version is 8.1 and Android version is 9 but we can update both if new version are available, I really interested to use it) but I don’t have enough money to buy it’s very expensive. Most of the time Samsung A:10 is good enough for us visually impaired people’ to used, but I don’t know how is work of this status of phones future) am not sure how to tell you exactly my dear friends.

By Jitendra Dkhar

Managing director of Blind Lead Trust Organization in Shillong Meghalaya India and co-founder along with late Dr. Theodore Moallem from USA.

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