Second stock foods for the BLT house.

Since one week ago again we bought the foods storage that we store during the logdown for the BLT house. We understand it will still need to store even under of this year, until the world is changing. So by doing this it’s save us a lot, even if other they don’t do but we care our family and other that we care also. We know how to protect our selves and the hole family they know how to used things that need for protection) as Theodore Moallem was taught us everyone’s in the house of BLT. So all of this things and the foods, it’s payed by Doctor Theodore Moallem.

Thank u. Best regard.

By Jitendra Dkhar

Managing director of Blind Lead Trust Organization in Shillong Meghalaya India and co-founder along with late Dr. Theodore Moallem from USA.

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