My improvement on the different skills.

Hi I want to share with you about my story.
Before someone gave me android phone because I cannot use it so I gave it to my brother but now I can used it. Now I kno how to used in some ways like phone call, texting in whatsapp, inbox and messenger. I knew even to do facebook, play music etc.
I learned to write braille and I could I could read what I wrote. I could do all these through the helping of the fellows and our director.

My short story about myself hi folks I just want to share little bit of my story before I joint in Blind lead trust organization and when I joint in

In previous years I was sitting idlely at home whit losing hope with out any work but when I joint I feel so excited that I learn various types of knowledge like

Android phone English learning braille computer mobility materials experimenting .i would like to thank my organization that has provided me a good knowledge cause this is my first time i gain this knowledge and i got to come forward.

Learning about arduino nga dei na ka blind lead trust organization mynta ka sngi ngan iathuh sha phi ya ka dei ei ka ba phyla ka ba nga leh mynta ka sngi nga la ion jing hikai na u Kanai bad na u Krishna kumno ba ngan tip shaphang u ta u arduino bad nga lah tip kumno ban fit ia ki ta ki pin bad ka ne ka dei ka first time jong nga