COVID 19 update.

Hi puple,
We the BLT had a meeting on covid 19, in this meeting we discuss what Ted had taught us last year. We reviewed that Ted taught us how we can prevent our self from geting corona-virus.
We had learn that to prevent our self from covid we need to spray hand sanitizer and to ware a mask before we go out.
In that meeting we discuss that when we need help to cross the road how people can whole us before helping us. We came up with two steps that we can ask help from people. If people wants to help us they need to whole us from our shoulder after that we can sanitize our self or we can give them the sanitizer, after they sanitised them self.
When we come from outside we need to sanitize our self and wash our cane.

Computer Training Online.

Hi puple,
I’m the Trustee of Blindlead Trust, just recently we had started online training computer course. The two participints from Blindlead are Bandwina and Kanai.
This programme is been organised by Blindlead Trust organization and Shakshamati. Shakshamati called this programme as Mition Meghalaya. So, in this training we are learning the basic of computer, i believe that this will help us in our future life.
After completing the computer training i may be able to do an office work, with computer we can do many works, i’ll do my level best to learn computer.
Thank you Shakshamati for your helping us, i wish you a grate successful future.
Thank you, your best regard.

Android training project in Ribhoi

We from the Blindlead Trust Organization are going to have a project onm android training for the two ladies namely Banriburom Kharkongor amnd Balarihun Dingdoh in Umsning (Ribhoi District).
One of the trustee of Blindlead Trust namely Krishna is going to Umsning Ribhoi District and guided by Jitendra the Director of Blindlead trust.
This project is being organised by the two team, Blindlead Trust Organization (BLT) and the Association Person with Disablility (APD.

meeting on solving the ishues for differently able

We from the Blind Lead Trust organization had organised a meeting which we got from CPWD on how to safe the life of differently able people through social media during this difficult time.
in This meeting we from the Blind Lead Trust Organization had written memorandum letter for advising the State Government on how they can help the visually impaired people during this lock down time.
The meeting had organised from Blind Lead Trust by our Director (Jitendra Dkhar), Join Secretory (Theodor Moallem) and the member of Blind Lead Trust.

Computer learning.

Hi puple,
In these days I’m very much intresting to learn computer. I did a resurch on how to get the shortcut keys on computer, after my resurch I copyed in notepad in order to change to text files. After that I safe in computer, lastly I copyed in my sd card for my future use.
So now I need to study them and at the same time I can practice, so that i can remember what i had learned before.

Learning google sheets

Hi puple,
I just want to share on what I had learned on google sheets.
We the three of us, Jitendra (the director of BLT), Bandwina (capten of fellos), and my self (Trusty of BLT explored the google sheets, on google sheets we learn how to write farmulas in in different cells, like in cell a1 to a1 to a27 and so on.
In google sheets had arrange in rows and columns.
In sheets we can do the formatting, in text formatting we can change different collors. Google sheets is excessible for us, the talkback reads what’s in the screen. When we open more obtion there is an obtion call accessiblity settings, here we can set how we want our screen reader to work.

The third preparation of Covid 19.

Hello pupil we the Blind Lead Trust organization we had really done the third preparation of Covid 19. We did this especially because we are taking it seriusly and also we knew that one doctor from Bethany hospital and his family had got this new birus so, we want to take some preventive measures so that’s how we are self prepared.
The first thing we did is that we organise an emergency meeting. We discuss how to make our self safe, we took various steps as much as we can cause prevention is better than cure, so these are some few steps below;
1. We should always keep our door lock atleast for one week, if any one from our family want to enter they should nock the door.
2. If any stranger comes, we should advice them to maintain some distance from them, for E.g. we should never allow them to be very close if they want to talk to us.
3. We should avoid from strangers especially if we hear that they approach near to us we should again close the door and tell them to stand three metres away from the door.
4. If any one of our family is keeping quiet during this matter of covid 19 untill and unless they raise their voice, cause there are some sited people if they come to enter in to our house they came silently, so in order to be safe we just want to make sure.
5. If any one from our family comes from upstairs or downstairs they should remember to sanitize their hands with the hand sanitizer.
6. We should always make sure to dry the clothes in the sun so that it will kill the virus.
7. The house mother of the BLT family should always wash her hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer when she come from throwing garbage .
8. Always the hand sanitizer should be kept in front of the door.

With words we hope that it will help all of you people over the world.

Director call mmeeting

Our directer called meeting yesterday.
In this meeting first we discuss. About the the three new Aps that our Joint secretory share to us. These are microsoft words, google dogs and wfps., so we share our own experiance. After that we discuss who will bee the incharge to for posting on webside. So we agreed that iba and i will be the incharge.
Next we discuss on RPD ACT. For this we talk about rpd act. Here our director explain bit about it. We also said that we will be studying about rpd and convered in Khasi.

Helping during logdown COVID-19.

Last week Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization, he was help for one house) who has no food in their house. His name Mr Rikison Malngiang he is the one who is the first called Director, and explain for the problem in their house. He told him they don’t have any food like no rice and vegitables) at the same time he requested him if it is possible to please help us, he said! So then director conform with his mother, also she requested him for a help) then director he heard that is serious then he agreed to help them 1000 rupees so that they can buy the rice and vegitable as much as they can. Because he also he don’t have enough money,, he just concerns then he give them from his small salary that doctor Theodore moallem payed from his own poket. Rikison he is the one who is visually impaired person, so BLT has discussion About him) so then final decision we agreed for him to join with us as a fellow of BLT at least for one month as the general test and then we will see after that if we need to expand more than that or if he will be a good candidate.

This is before Director Mr Jitendra Dkhar.
Thank you.