Learning about spreadsheet.

Hi everyone, I am a young blind person.
I will explain you what I have learn in spreadsheet, according to what I found it’s like a table which has a line, it’s also Looks like a copy of a cited people.
We the blind people when we use the spreadsheet, should listen carefully to the TalkBack, when we use it we should touch slowly because the lines are very close to each other.
I got a lot of advantage when I use spreadsheet because it helps me to keep my writings.
I like it so much because I got a lot of advantage from spreadsheets thank you.

About my new Sumsung phone.

Hi all I just want to tell you about my new phone Samsung Galaxy A10 s I got from my joint secretary on the 22nd of June 2020.
it is a very good phone because it is accessible for us the visually impaired because it has its own software which is called the voice assistant and we don’t need to install TalkBack but if we want we have options to choose not like in other phones, this phone has 32 GB ROM and 2 gigabytes of Ram it has double camera on the back side and one in front it tells us for we take a picture whether how many faces are detected and due to this I know how to take photo of mysef thank you this is my review about this phone if you like comments

My learning about WhatsApp settings.

Hi everyone I just want to tell you that I got to learn more settings in WhatsApp.
In WhatsApp I learnt different steps :1. I know how to create my own WhatsApp account.
2. I know how to check my own messages in WhatsApp.
3. I know how to delete, forward, reply, and to share whatever I need either from YouTube or files.
4. I know how to upload my own status and to check the status of others.
5. I know how to create the group in whats app.
6. I know how to set my default ringtone both in group and personal. All these had been taught by my director and I tried by myself I will try to explore more settings in these up coming days thank you.

Director call out meeting

Hi friends I just want to share with you all that in my organiztion , we have a meeting how to make the plan and the project of blt to become successful we discuss learning researching schemes through online and offline to take a good responsibility.
We discuss to take responsability to reviewsing apps.
We discuss to post in social media and consiquences and warning for fellows. Also we give a feedback from each and every fellows and captain and director 13 April.