COVID 19 update.

Hi puple,
We the BLT had a meeting on covid 19, in this meeting we discuss what Ted had taught us last year. We reviewed that Ted taught us how we can prevent our self from geting corona-virus.
We had learn that to prevent our self from covid we need to spray hand sanitizer and to ware a mask before we go out.
In that meeting we discuss that when we need help to cross the road how people can whole us before helping us. We came up with two steps that we can ask help from people. If people wants to help us they need to whole us from our shoulder after that we can sanitize our self or we can give them the sanitizer, after they sanitised them self.
When we come from outside we need to sanitize our self and wash our cane.

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Kanai Debnath

Trustee of Blind Lead Trust organization.

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