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Last week Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization, he was help for one house) who has no food in their house. His name Mr Rikison Malngiang he is the one who is the first called Director, and explain for the problem in their house. He told him they don’t have any food like no rice and vegitables) at the same time he requested him if it is possible to please help us, he said! So then director conform with his mother, also she requested him for a help) then director he heard that is serious then he agreed to help them 1000 rupees so that they can buy the rice and vegitable as much as they can. Because he also he don’t have enough money,, he just concerns then he give them from his small salary that doctor Theodore moallem payed from his own poket. Rikison he is the one who is visually impaired person, so BLT has discussion About him) so then final decision we agreed for him to join with us as a fellow of BLT at least for one month as the general test and then we will see after that if we need to expand more than that or if he will be a good candidate.

This is before Director Mr Jitendra Dkhar.
Thank you.

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Kanai Debnath

Trustee of Blind Lead Trust organization.

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