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Hi puple,
I just want to share on what I had learned on google sheets.
We the three of us, Jitendra (the director of BLT), Bandwina (capten of fellos), and my self (Trusty of BLT explored the google sheets, on google sheets we learn how to write farmulas in in different cells, like in cell a1 to a1 to a27 and so on.
In google sheets had arrange in rows and columns.
In sheets we can do the formatting, in text formatting we can change different collors. Google sheets is excessible for us, the talkback reads what’s in the screen. When we open more obtion there is an obtion call accessiblity settings, here we can set how we want our screen reader to work.
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Kanai Debnath

Trustee of Blind Lead Trust organization.

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