TalkBack accessibility version development.

Hi guys, I want to developing for the TalkBack accessibility version. I want the TalkBack accessibility should not off when we need to restore the phones, at this point we the all the visually impaired person really difficulty. And plus the TalkBack all the time is stopping to talking automatically and talking again by it self automatically, as my experience this is very disrupting to work instead to move forword) because when it off or silently like that we tryed to touch in the screen then the phone is normally and gos away and plus very slowly to work as a normal Android phones. If the engineering who is making for all of the software to development for blind people can see this my request, so I really wanted to make a decision with them. What do you think guys with this matter?

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Jitendra Dkhar

Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization and co-founder of Blind Lead Trust along with Dr. Theodore Moallem.

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