The third preparation of Covid 19.

Hello pupil we the Blind Lead Trust organization we had really done the third preparation of Covid 19. We did this especially because we are taking it seriusly and also we knew that one doctor from Bethany hospital and his family had got this new birus so, we want to take some preventive measures so that’s how we are self prepared.
The first thing we did is that we organise an emergency meeting. We discuss how to make our self safe, we took various steps as much as we can cause prevention is better than cure, so these are some few steps below;
1. We should always keep our door lock atleast for one week, if any one from our family want to enter they should nock the door.
2. If any stranger comes, we should advice them to maintain some distance from them, for E.g. we should never allow them to be very close if they want to talk to us.
3. We should avoid from strangers especially if we hear that they approach near to us we should again close the door and tell them to stand three metres away from the door.
4. If any one of our family is keeping quiet during this matter of covid 19 untill and unless they raise their voice, cause there are some sited people if they come to enter in to our house they came silently, so in order to be safe we just want to make sure.
5. If any one from our family comes from upstairs or downstairs they should remember to sanitize their hands with the hand sanitizer.
6. We should always make sure to dry the clothes in the sun so that it will kill the virus.
7. The house mother of the BLT family should always wash her hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer when she come from throwing garbage .
8. Always the hand sanitizer should be kept in front of the door.

With words we hope that it will help all of you people over the world.
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