COVID 19 update.

Hi puple,
We the BLT had a meeting on covid 19, in this meeting we discuss what Ted had taught us last year. We reviewed that Ted taught us how we can prevent our self from geting corona-virus.
We had learn that to prevent our self from covid we need to spray hand sanitizer and to ware a mask before we go out.
In that meeting we discuss that when we need help to cross the road how people can whole us before helping us. We came up with two steps that we can ask help from people. If people wants to help us they need to whole us from our shoulder after that we can sanitize our self or we can give them the sanitizer, after they sanitised them self.
When we come from outside we need to sanitize our self and wash our cane.

Computer Training Online.

Hi puple,
I’m the Trustee of Blindlead Trust, just recently we had started online training computer course. The two participints from Blindlead are Bandwina and Kanai.
This programme is been organised by Blindlead Trust organization and Shakshamati. Shakshamati called this programme as Mition Meghalaya. So, in this training we are learning the basic of computer, i believe that this will help us in our future life.
After completing the computer training i may be able to do an office work, with computer we can do many works, i’ll do my level best to learn computer.
Thank you Shakshamati for your helping us, i wish you a grate successful future.
Thank you, your best regard.

First Time Using Laptop Touch Screen.

pyrlok baieid,
nga kwah ban pynpaw ia ki jing pyrshang jong nga haba iadei bad ka jing lah ka jong ngi ki briew ki bymlah ban iohi.
kane kadei ka sien nongkong ba nga ioh ktah iakum kine ki jait tiar!lyngba ka jing ai sngewbha jong u para jong u Dr Theodore Moallem bat ma u.
te, ka long shisha kum ka best explore ianga bat nga sngew tynnat bha ruh.
kam don kano kano ka ba ngi ki bymlah ban iohi ka ba ngim lah ban leh hakine ki sngi ka ba mynta pyrthei ka ba lah shai, bat kane ka lah ban long satang lada ki riew shemphang ki treh ban ia treilang bat ngi ki briew ba don jing duna dkhotmet haki khmat khamtam iakito ki briew ba trei kyrpang naka bynta jong ngi ki briew ba don jing dona dkhotmet.
hynrei ka long kaei kaei ka ba pyn sngewsih ia ngi ki briew ba don jing duna dkhotmet ki nongtrei sorkar bunsien bunsien ki kyntait mardor ha ba ngi leit don kam sha kino kino ki office sorkar lada ngi kylli iaki kyrteng bat ka post jongki kim ju treh ban iathuh lem iangi.
ngimtip na kaei ka daw ba kim treh ban iathuh, hynrei kalong ka ba donkam haduh katta katta ba kin iathuh na ka bynta jong ngi namar ba ngi donkam ban ithuh iaki khnang ba ngindup suk onda ngi lah leit biang sa shisien hangno ba ngin leit beit dairek khnangba kan om shim por than iangi ha ba ngi leit donkam shaei shaei, bat ka long ruh ka ba donkam iangi ban ithuh iakito ki briew khnang ba lada don kino kino ki bom ju kheinkor iaka hok jong ngi ngindup ioh iaki kyrteng jongki ban pyn koh nguh iaki ban pynbiang iaki jing donkam jong ngi naka bynta ka lawei jong ngi haki liang baroh khnangba ngindup lah ban pynbit pynbiang iaka ioh ka kot jong ngi ki briew ba don jing duna dkhotmet haki khmat.
ha ri jong ngi kimda don bha ki briew ki ba treh ban iarap lem bat ban iatrei lem bat ngi ki briew ba don jing duna haki khmat, dei nakata ka daw ba ngi dang long ki ba sahdien bha.
kumta ngi kyrpad iaki briew jong ka sorkar ba kin sngewbha ban pyrkhat lem na ka bynta ka jing donkam jong ngi, kumjuh iaki paitbah ba kin iarap lem bat ngi ban kyrshan lem iaki projects jongka seng jong ngi naka bynta ka jingbha ki briew jongki dkhotmet baroh.
khublei shibun.

shi hajar nguh.

Android training project in Ribhoi

We from the Blindlead Trust Organization are going to have a project onm android training for the two ladies namely Banriburom Kharkongor amnd Balarihun Dingdoh in Umsning (Ribhoi District).
One of the trustee of Blindlead Trust namely Krishna is going to Umsning Ribhoi District and guided by Jitendra the Director of Blindlead trust.
This project is being organised by the two team, Blindlead Trust Organization (BLT) and the Association Person with Disablility (APD.

employed contract agreement for Director.

Dear pupil,
We would like to let you know that we in the Blind Lead Trust Organization as a non profit we have agreed to give or vote for Jitendra Dkhar to be a Director of the Blind Lead Trust Organization in Shillong Meghalaya. To make sure that we have put our Hands together by signing all of us in his official contract agreement. So, as of now Jitendra worked with the 0 compensation cause the Trust could not earn money by itself, we still find out from one year ago regarding how to get the 12A and 80G certificate for the Trust so that we can get the money and proceed various types of projects! So, please help us if anyone who wants to help us we really appreciate for it.

Thanking you.

Best regards!

Donation recieved on the 21st December 2020.

This is the second donated we got from the Byble Society which gave us by pastor REV Phidolis Dkhar 12 plastic chairs on this day. It is very important for us now we got it!

We gave a big thanks for pastor and to all his team who has contributed for us to get this chairs, through your help we will have enough chairs to sit in every meeting in our office.

So, thank you so much for your help.

Best regards.

Jitendra Dkhar, director of Blind Lead Trust Organization.

World Disable Day

Dear pupil, we the group of Blind Lead Trust Organization as we all know that this day is being celebrated as an International World Disable Day for the persons with disability.
So in related with this day, this day is a special day for us. Nut in return to our state and the whole of our districts we are unlucky as compared to the world of the other differently able people especially for the visual impairment cause usually the government recognised us only on the 3rd December.
When we talk in regarding the accessibility and the basic needs related to economy, employees, trade, travelling, health and hygine education lack of independent and so on.
So, at this point we feel this day as the normal days only cause we gain no benifit and lack of opportunities with all these we were discriminated by the society.

Learning about spreadsheet.

Hi everyone, I am a young blind person.
I will explain you what I have learn in spreadsheet, according to what I found it’s like a table which has a line, it’s also Looks like a copy of a cited people.
We the blind people when we use the spreadsheet, should listen carefully to the TalkBack, when we use it we should touch slowly because the lines are very close to each other.
I got a lot of advantage when I use spreadsheet because it helps me to keep my writings.
I like it so much because I got a lot of advantage from spreadsheets thank you.

Ka jingwadbniah.

Mynta ni la sdang ban thoh ia ka shithi na ka bynta jongngi ki ba don jing duna ha ki dakhot met, namarbangi kwah ban ioh ia la ka hok la jong, hynrie bun sin hi ngim juioh ban pyndon kam ia la ka hok jong ngi, Hynrie nga kyrmen bad khmihlynti da ka ba ngi pynpaw bad wanrah shaka sardar khnang ba nin dup ioh banpyndonkam ia ka hok la jong namar ngi shiat tip ba don shibon bha ki jing ia rap na ka Sarkar na ka bynta jong ngi, Tang ba ngim ioh ban pyndon kam ia ka. Sngiewbha phi ki paralok la da Don ki ba phi i thuh ianno iano sngiew bha comment hang ne.

About my new Sumsung phone.

Hi all I just want to tell you about my new phone Samsung Galaxy A10 s I got from my joint secretary on the 22nd of June 2020.
it is a very good phone because it is accessible for us the visually impaired because it has its own software which is called the voice assistant and we don’t need to install TalkBack but if we want we have options to choose not like in other phones, this phone has 32 GB ROM and 2 gigabytes of Ram it has double camera on the back side and one in front it tells us for we take a picture whether how many faces are detected and due to this I know how to take photo of mysef thank you this is my review about this phone if you like comments

My learning about the Google meet.

Hi all people I just want to update my work which I had done in my organization in these few weeks ago.
It was on the 28th of June that I learnt about this app, I had never noticed before the first thing I only heard that people talks alot about this app, but when I came to this organization I learnt.
It was a very easy when we try to explore and learn this ap, through this app we can create a meeting also we can share the link to others if we want to create a meeting this app also helps me to do the chat message while I am on the meeting I haven’t explore that much because this app is still new for me but I do it more I will update itas for now thank you.

Learning on the app Be my Eyes

Yesterday I tried to explore this app id was the first time that I explore this app. When I enter in this app Be My Eyes there is a call accessible volunteer when I click there it will make a video call to the company of the app which is helpful for the blind people.
Suppose if I go somewhere else if I lost my way I can use this app by calling a video call to ask what is there infront or which direction I must go or which side I shall turn.

Using Google meet

It                    This app   is   ment   for   organizing   or    participating   online   meeting   through this        app   Google meet.   It    is   good   but   it   is more  accessible   by   using   earphones   or   headphones there is an option too        choose   whether    we   want   video    or   audio.   If   it’s   too   noisy,   or   if   we   Are busy we      can   on    mute   by    turning         microphone off.   Anyone   who want my r   need   to   join   the meeting the   one   who   will   organise   the   meeting   will   send   a   link   so   that   the   participants   can   join   the   meeting   through   that   link.

About my new phone

    I would   like   to   share   with   you   about   my   new   experiences   with   my   phone   Samsung   Galexy   A.   10   which   was   given   to   me   by   our   join   scretary   on   Monday   June   22nd   2020.   It   was   very   different   with   the   previous   phone   that   I   was   using   before.

My learning about WhatsApp settings.

Hi everyone I just want to tell you that I got to learn more settings in WhatsApp.
In WhatsApp I learnt different steps :1. I know how to create my own WhatsApp account.
2. I know how to check my own messages in WhatsApp.
3. I know how to delete, forward, reply, and to share whatever I need either from YouTube or files.
4. I know how to upload my own status and to check the status of others.
5. I know how to create the group in whats app.
6. I know how to set my default ringtone both in group and personal. All these had been taught by my director and I tried by myself I will try to explore more settings in these up coming days thank you.

My reviewing on the Samsung galaxy A 20

Hi folks I just want to review about my phone Samsung galaxy a 20 that my joint secretary had given to me on the 9th of Jun.
It was a very great thing to share with you all that this is my first time that I got to have a Samsung phone in my hand and I got to explore a lot of things.
According to me as I compare my Samsung phone with the others I feel that it is very accessible especially for the visually impaired people, the best thing which I found is about the camera.
e.g. when we switch the camera button before we click a photo it tells us whether the camera has directly pointed the face of the person or not, also it explains us according to how many persons are there. The next one which I like is about the battery it last for one day and one night and I can use it with out charging for twice or thrice a day, also it has its original software which is called the voice assistant which is helpful for the blind and the low vision to read what ever they touch on the screen. A Samsung phone also has the best storage from the other phones when the ram is 2 gigabytes the rom is 32 gigabytes also if the ram is 4 gigabytes the rom contains 64 gigabytes but in the other phones if the RAM is to gigabytes it has only 16 gigabytes of Rome and if the RAM is 4 gigabytes it has 32 gigabytes of Rom, the Samsung phone also can support the talkback nicely and it never hangs like the other phones it also supports the biggest apps which we want to download from Play Store when we download or upload any thing it works super compares to the other phones.
So these are the great things which I found on the Samsung phone as for now and I will keep on reviewing after exploring it, so with this I will keep on updating my reviews about the Samsung phone.
I would like to thank my joint secretary for giving me this phone and I feel very great full because with the help of him I got to explore my phone also it makes my work to be done successfully in everything.

Helping in English and braille learning

During   these   times   I   don’t   have   classes   I    heled   my   friends   in   learning   English   as   well   as   braille   any   time   that   I   am   free   because   there   are   times   that   I   have   online   classes.   Because   here   we   have.   People   with   visual   impairedment   who   did   not   get   an   opportunity   to   go   to   school   and   to   study.   We   have   to   teach   and   guide   them   like   small   children   I   gave   them   words   and   sentences   by   translating   from   English   to   Khasi   so   that   they   will   understand   what   does   these   words   and   sendences   means.   While   I   teach   then   I   made   them   write   inorder   to   improve   their   writing   skills   then   I   made   them   read   so   that   I   can   hear   the   pronunciation   and   correct.   When   they   need   or   want   to   communicate   with   anyone   at   anywhere   it   will   make   them   easy   and   for   the   person   whom   they   are   talking   can   understand   their   needs   and   wants.


This   organization   had   planned   it   in   a   verygood   way   by   collecting   the   visually   impaired   people   and   bring   them   together.   For   those   who   did   not   get   an   opportunity   to   study   and   encourage   them   so   that   they   to   will   learn   something.   As   I   use   to   say   something   is   better   than   nothing.   Through   this   best   opportunity   they   will   be   able   to   stand   in   their.   Own   feet   and   to   be   independent   and   guide   other   visually   impaired   people   in   their   future.

Second stock foods for the BLT house.

Since one week ago again we bought the foods storage that we store during the logdown for the BLT house. We understand it will still need to store even under of this year, until the world is changing. So by doing this it’s save us a lot, even if other they don’t do but we care our family and other that we care also. We know how to protect our selves and the hole family they know how to used things that need for protection) as Theodore Moallem was taught us everyone’s in the house of BLT. So all of this things and the foods, it’s payed by Doctor Theodore Moallem.

Thank u. Best regard.

New chartered accountant.

Hi friends,
I would like to appeal to all of you too help Blind Lead Trust NGO to find a chartered accountant (CA) for the organization.

Can you please help us to find a chartered accountant who can help us *quickly* to register for the 12A and 80G tax exemption for donations. We need a CA who will really show respect for Blind people, who will treat us professionally. Already we have lost much time (and we lost donation money!) because the last CA did not take us seriously. BLT is very serious, and our work is very important for supporting young blind people. We must have the tax exemptions (12A and 80G) to complete our “non-profit status”. Really we have now lost many donations, which we could not accept because previous CA did not seriously work to complete these formalities.
Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Jitendra Dkhar

meeting on solving the ishues for differently able

We from the Blind Lead Trust organization had organised a meeting which we got from CPWD on how to safe the life of differently able people through social media during this difficult time.
in This meeting we from the Blind Lead Trust Organization had written memorandum letter for advising the State Government on how they can help the visually impaired people during this lock down time.
The meeting had organised from Blind Lead Trust by our Director (Jitendra Dkhar), Join Secretory (Theodor Moallem) and the member of Blind Lead Trust.

Raspperry Pi.

In this few days ago I got experience for Raspperry Pi, with doctor Theodore Moallem as a join secretary of the BLT.

He showed me that baby computer, it’s really interesting to explore. It’s working with the screen reader, but at this time Ted was installed Orca software instead of NVDA. It might be a new thing for me, also I do not tell so much as of now) but if that is working well then I can say it’s very useful for us visually impaired people to used it. So far sounds nice!

It has one GB ram maybe it be slow but working fine! We can connect with the monitor, and audio jack, USB cable and other, except DVD. So we will test it, then you will see more about the new update. At the same time is a cheaper, is not expensive.

Thanks. Best regards.

The new learning about the Android phone .

Hi everyone I just want to share with you all about what I havfe learn in the Android phone these days before, I learnt how to do the private settings in WhatsApp also I know how to send attachment through WhatsApp example like contacts, location, document, gallery, audio, I know how to add my profile photo I know how to keep admin and how to hide addmin so ehat non can see me I no how to set the default ringtones and the message tones in WhatsApp separately both the groups and personal.
In Facebook I know how to go to private settings like menu tu to delete my contact, account, how to logout, how to deactivate, witbh this words I will keep on updating my work according to what I did

Computer learning.

Hi puple,
In these days I’m very much intresting to learn computer. I did a resurch on how to get the shortcut keys on computer, after my resurch I copyed in notepad in order to change to text files. After that I safe in computer, lastly I copyed in my sd card for my future use.
So now I need to study them and at the same time I can practice, so that i can remember what i had learned before.

My ideas with my organisation on water .harvesting

Hi people, I just want to update to you all with the work that I had done together with my organization .
It was on the 3rd of April on Wednesday that we are searching the ideas how to harvest water from the rain, cause we have shortage of water so we are working together as a team and we are cooperating with each other, it was a very interesting experimentation so when the rain comes our joint secretary he suggested us with a good expriment to keep a small bottle with one litre to count in a second and how much water does the bottle get to contain from the rain all of us shared our own ideas and our director he showed us how the conditions of the place how we can imagine acording to the point so that the water will come dirrectly to our house, it was an amazing time to do do that experiment so we are still continuing with the test and researches so I will come with the update I any work that we will do.5

Visually impaired person using Google Docs and Google Sheets Apps.

My experience and my teams about this two apps, so we are not happy with it.   [Note: We use TalkBack in Android OS and NVDA screenreader in Windows OS]

First with the Google Docs not full accessible for us visually impaired people’ to used it, because there is three problems. 1. It’s quiet when we typing, for example if we used to text with the website, WhatsApp, Messages) it’s pronounced the word after we typing then we hit space so it will pronounced the word. But in Docs App is not happening like that, just quiet not say anything. 2. It’s quiet also if we deleted if any part are missing of spelling. 3. It’s quiet once we release the finger from the screen keyboard, it’s doesn’t saying if we released A or B and C also others. These are made us very much confusing and a big problem, I have tested with my trusty and fellows) they are very very confusing of it even they thinking is not working because the Docs are silently. Of course we can used by swyping up and down with one finger to get words, character and paragraph) but that will help us to Read the documents and messages, it will not help us us for typing! This is happening with Android phones. We avoid from the jamble the letter if we using paragraph and words. For both apps Docs and Sheets, once I used with the desktop and Labtup it’s always said (screen reader is not supported) I don’t know what is the reasonable! If anyone knew please help me about that.

Google sheets I’m happy to recommendations it’s accessible to used it even desktop or android smartphone. To find out the accessibility settings, go to the mor option or main menu then Swype or scroll up you will see accessibility settings then hit on that so you can choose any options from there that you need. But you have to adjust your finger or brain, because there are small small sel and Kollam. Swype left and right with two fingers to get next or previous Kollam. To create a new spreadsheet just touch at the bodam of right side, then you will heard the option said create new spreadsheet so hit on that. Screw up if you want to go like column1 a1. A2. Or Kollam2 b1. B2. B3. And etc.

Thanks for everyone please comments if any kind of ideas or thoughts. ????

My experiencing about the short cut keys of the Android talkback.

Hi once again I just want to share with you all that I am so excited in these four days back I got a good knowledge for the good advantage of my life.
It was under the leadership of my director that I am able to learnt some short cut keys of the Android talkback, first I never know that there are some short cut keys of the Android talkback but withe the help of my director I am able to learnt some short cut keys.
When I swipe up right, like an L. Shape it says Local contex main you and are some options in the menu and I swipe down right also I got lots of options to coppy, to repeat last entrance, read from top , read from next item, copy clipboard, the most important matter I am really interested is that options to read from top so if I i tab on that read from top then and my phone will automatically read all the apps and if I want to double tab to apps that I want to go it will double tap that swiping up right is called global contacts menu, most interesting part is when I swipe left down it will dirrectly go to Home screen so I don’t need to go to a long process , there are so many short cut keys that I still have to learn more and more cause with the help of short cut keys it enables I iNeetu to do do my work faster so when I learn I will ikeep on updating more and more .
I want to thank my director for spending his time with me in helping me to develop the knowledge upon me regarding technology cause when I was in school most of the time I learnt only bookish knowledge so when I came to this organization I really know about Android phone and technologythank you.

My first experimentation about the Google docs and Google sheets app .

.Hi pupil ! I just want to share with you all about what I had experiment in this previous days before about the Google sheets and the Google dox app, so in thes three days before that was on the 21st of april we the three of us were trying to test these two apps I myself my director and one of the trustee Kanai Depnath first we thought that it will not be accessible for us but as soon as our joint secretary give us the link about the Android accessibility editors we try to listen through the instructions which had been provided to us we were very happy to test this apps the Google docs is not that much accessible for uS cause it doesn’t pronounce the letters what we will type in keyboard but that also we atleast know how to make an edit box to enter in to the new document our director got some ideas and he shared to us and we know how to type a document .
In Google sheets we are very happy because we are able to write according to the column, like column a column in columns are there is a 1 till 24 and in the Colum b is b1 b24 if we know this we are able to write according to the plants that we had made so we will keep on updating interest works that we will try to do and we will keep on updating our works thank you. .

My improvement on the different skills.

Hi I want to share with you about my story.
Before someone gave me android phone because I cannot use it so I gave it to my brother but now I can used it. Now I kno how to used in some ways like phone call, texting in whatsapp, inbox and messenger. I knew even to do facebook, play music etc.
I learned to write braille and I could I could read what I wrote. I could do all these through the helping of the fellows and our director.

Learning google sheets

Hi puple,
I just want to share on what I had learned on google sheets.
We the three of us, Jitendra (the director of BLT), Bandwina (capten of fellos), and my self (Trusty of BLT explored the google sheets, on google sheets we learn how to write farmulas in in different cells, like in cell a1 to a1 to a27 and so on.
In google sheets had arrange in rows and columns.
In sheets we can do the formatting, in text formatting we can change different collors. Google sheets is excessible for us, the talkback reads what’s in the screen. When we open more obtion there is an obtion call accessiblity settings, here we can set how we want our screen reader to work.

My first experiencing in waiting hospital

Hi folks I just want to share with you all regarding my first experiences in waiting hospital the name of the hospital is nazareth hospital . Have you ever notice that the blind people also can wait in the hospital? I had come across with the experiences .
It was on the third of april in the midnight that I had took the responsability to help one blind woman named Santina Dorphang she was having a 7 months baby she had and opindix in the stomach and she had to do her surgery so it was a very difficult task for her cause she had to face a lot of problems due to the lockdown her parents could not come and no one could take care of her baby while she was under the surgery ,but hopefully I my self and my friend named Iba Dhar we took care of her and her baby as much as we can cause we both of us also we are a visually impaired but yet we don’t loose hope we know we that we are able to do, it was an amaizing time for me and my friend because we got to learn new new things and new experiences it was a private hospital in Shillong city in Laitumkhrah the nurses and the doctors were taking a good care when the drip is finish they help to have a look and when ever we need them they are ready to come if we press the bell also we stayed 3 days in the hospital when we stay there we learn about how to be able to speak to the doctors and nurses we also learn different types of medicine, so I encourage to all my young visually impaired friends if you have any task to do especially the hard ones they should try to overcome them and they should not let their life get down .

Director call out meeting

Hi friends I just want to share with you all that in my organiztion , we have a meeting how to make the plan and the project of blt to become successful we discuss learning researching schemes through online and offline to take a good responsibility.
We discuss to take responsability to reviewsing apps.
We discuss to post in social media and consiquences and warning for fellows. Also we give a feedback from each and every fellows and captain and director 13 April.

The third preparation of Covid 19.

Hello pupil we the Blind Lead Trust organization we had really done the third preparation of Covid 19. We did this especially because we are taking it seriusly and also we knew that one doctor from Bethany hospital and his family had got this new birus so, we want to take some preventive measures so that’s how we are self prepared.
The first thing we did is that we organise an emergency meeting. We discuss how to make our self safe, we took various steps as much as we can cause prevention is better than cure, so these are some few steps below;
1. We should always keep our door lock atleast for one week, if any one from our family want to enter they should nock the door.
2. If any stranger comes, we should advice them to maintain some distance from them, for E.g. we should never allow them to be very close if they want to talk to us.
3. We should avoid from strangers especially if we hear that they approach near to us we should again close the door and tell them to stand three metres away from the door.
4. If any one of our family is keeping quiet during this matter of covid 19 untill and unless they raise their voice, cause there are some sited people if they come to enter in to our house they came silently, so in order to be safe we just want to make sure.
5. If any one from our family comes from upstairs or downstairs they should remember to sanitize their hands with the hand sanitizer.
6. We should always make sure to dry the clothes in the sun so that it will kill the virus.
7. The house mother of the BLT family should always wash her hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer when she come from throwing garbage .
8. Always the hand sanitizer should be kept in front of the door.

With words we hope that it will help all of you people over the world.

Director call mmeeting

Our directer called meeting yesterday.
In this meeting first we discuss. About the the three new Aps that our Joint secretory share to us. These are microsoft words, google dogs and wfps., so we share our own experiance. After that we discuss who will bee the incharge to for posting on webside. So we agreed that iba and i will be the incharge.
Next we discuss on RPD ACT. For this we talk about rpd act. Here our director explain bit about it. We also said that we will be studying about rpd and convered in Khasi.