Highlights from Light in the Dark Event

The first time an Event Program has been organized by the Blind Lead Trust and Music Inclusive School ay the State Central Library in Shillong, Meghalaya.

Lucy (middle) with some of the guests who came to the event.

Bandwina (middle) with two guests who came to this event.

In this event it was taken from both parties and they are all visually impaired. They are the one who lead for the sighted people to the Dark Hall. There are 8 tables and one person at each table. At table 1 is Mr. Kanai Debnath trustee of the blind lead trust. Table 2 is Mr. Krishna Phawa, trustee of the blind lead of Shillong. Table 3 is Ms. Takisha Shabong, fellow of Blind Lead Shillong. Table 4 is Ms. Lucy Lamare, fellow of Blind Lead Shillong. Table 5 is Ms. Bandwina Khymdeit, Assistant Secretary of Blind Lead Trust Shillong. Table 6 is Mr. Bahjoin Dkhar, border of blind lead shillong. Table 7 is Mr. Jitendra Dkhar Co-Founder/Managing Director of the Blind Lead Trust Shillong Meghalaya India Country. They all really enjoyed this Event and sang together as a celebration of Christmas in advance.

Takisha leading the guests into the darken hall.

The goal of this event was that, we wanted the society to have an explore or to have the experiences for the world of the blind people which is always in the darkness. This was the first organized event program which collaborated with the Blind Lead in Shillong. So, there are a lot of experiences and opinions we got from the people as feedback. For instance the sighted people said that this was incredible in their lives. They asked a lot of questions. They imagine how we are living in our daily lives. And how we used to walk, cook, clean, study etc., like this in the dark. People used to cry and some of them are very funny to enjoy it like the blind people in the dark world. Some of them also used to be scared when they were inside in the dark but the blind people are confident and ready to comfort them in the safe way and said to them “Don’t be scared I will guide you in the proper way”. They said that this is the best world!

Guests thanking Bandwina

So, when they sat down together in the Chairs in the darkness without seeing each other , they could only hear each other. And then the blind people started to teach the cited people as well. They used to teach them like they did with the visually impaired students when they begin to learn everything and start exploring the world. For instance, to show them the chair to sit on and show them the table, cup, spoon, sugar, tea bag, snacks and kettle on how they can make tea by themselves in the darkness like the blind people did everyday. At the same time, there are also the musicians which were played by the blind people themselves in the dark to entertain the people who are coming to the event to support and explore the lives of the blind people (Music Inclusive School Students). There are more than 50 participants approximately who are coming to the event and we can say those who love the blind community as a first trial.

People being led out of the Darken Room

Hence, inside the dark after the blind people taught the cited people to make their teas. so, the blind people found that they are not remembered for what they have taught them. For instance, when the cited people started to pour their tea. It was the ulta of the kettle and it was overflowing even the ground floor was very wet. Some people don’t like to eat the Snacks since they do not know what kind of snacks they have right now. So, the leaders of the different tables shared their challenges with their audience at the table about the organization challenges and their daily living, always in the dark. At the same time, on how they study and what kind of alphabet they study in their schools or colleges. But if they have to go and take medicine from the hospitality, they are faced with another challenge since there are no prescriptions and other accessibility for the facility. Especially one thing related to this event, if the visually impaired go to the Restaurants they wouldn’t see the foods directly like the cited people did. For example, the cited people if they don’t know the names of the food also still can look directly to the Kitchen and find out which kinds of food they like to eat. But for the blind people they are required to touch their fingers so that they will know and ask from the Waitress or Waiters. But they are not the same as well. There are also a lot of the blind people who already know the food list in the restaurants. But the problem was there was no menu in Braille Alphabet so that they could check by themselves and order as per their wants. Most of the time, that was the issue the blind people faced with the restaurants in Shillong city and they were so upset when they went to the restaurants. Because if they always depend on asking the waitress/waiters if they want to eat or taste something in the restaurant they feel shy for sometime. It might be an insult to them in that way. At the same time, the waitress or waiters don’t have time to explain everything to them. And also if they need something during the process of eating. They are very difficult to find out or to call for the waitress and waiters to give them for their needs. In that way, if there are any buttons where they can press from their tables so that it will help them in easy ways. If that happens, it will not be easy only for the blind people. It can be more attractive even to other customers. Because there are a lot of customers who don’t want to shout in public places, especially with the girls as per our experiences.

Members of Light After dark (2 to the left) and Blind Lead Trust (2 to the right)

Therefore, the Blind Lead Trust non-Government Organization is very glad for this last Event Program on the 16th of December 2023 (Light In The Dark) . We really enjoyed it! We felt that the world was for us! At the same time, we also hope that this is just a beginning; it will be more supportive from now onwards. There are a lot of works and plans that we have to do in order to promote the organization and the blind community related to the development, trades, training courses, and employment etc.

We on behalf of the Blind Lead Trust Organization would like to thank Sir Vijay who is the co-founder of the Colks company in Shillong Meghalaya and he is also the board member of the Blind Lead Trust. We also would like to thank to Mr. Zoma who is the head of the (Music Inclusive School) because these are the two persons who began to discuss arranging for this Event Program (Light In The Dark) so that is why the first thanks goes to them including Mr. Mariadon. At the same time, we are very grateful and we sent the big thanks to our helpers in this Event like volunteers, Zoma Team and especially to the Colks team including Ms. Unes, Iba and all other members of Colks who have actually worked hard to prepare from the beginning of the event. And also we have to thank the Media team of the Colks who are actually prepared for the advertisement before the Event. So, the Blind Lead Trust must be not forget to thank to Late Dr. Theodore M. Moallem, because he was the one who partnered and supported to start to launch for the Blind Lead Trust Organization With Mr. Jitendra Dkhar currently Managing Director of Blind Lead. Even to his family we are very grateful to their support for us even after he died which was over just last year 2022 financially. But the most important thanks is to all of the participants of that day on the 16th of December 2023 the event Light In The Dark. We are so appreciative of your coming and learning about the world of the blind people. Even if we don’t have to give anything to you, your support and generosity was so mean to us. We hope this was not the first time, you will also support and donate for us for the future programs and projects. And you may share about it with your friends and colleagues. They should not miss any programs from the Blind Lead Trust in the future as well. We are very sorry if we miss someone and something to be thankful for. But just consider it as yours also as special thanks.