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Empower Visually Impaired Youths to Attain Self Substainces and Governance

Hi, my name is MR. Jitendra Dkhar and I am the co founder and managing director of Blind Lead Trust Organization. This organisation is based in Shillong, who aimS to promote an empower the underprivileged visually Impaired citizens.
The organisation have a vision to establish a computer training centre in a very accessible way to all the young visually impaired people. As we knew that most of the visually impaired belongs to the rural areas and they are coming from the poor background, so most of their families could not afford them to pursue their education.
The organisation have a goal to set up a free training course and accommodations, here are our students who learnt through the guidance of their teacher. Both the students and teachers are visually impaired but still they can teach and learn the computer. therefore, the organisation beg to all our beloved citizens to kindly lend us your helping hand by donating to our organization so that we will be able to sustain our project and make it successful.
Your small amount can lead our organisation to grow and give a prosperous future for the young visually impaired people.
Before I come to the end I would like to give my gratitude to all the donors and supporters.
thank you.