visually impaired operate the ATM machine

How the Visually Impaired used the ATM?

We have completed the survey regarding the ATM Talking Software across the Garo Hills. Hence, the place is very hot. It seems like it is in Assam only, but there were some areas that were good and all the main arrears of the towns are so hot.
So, in Garo hills there are enough of machines based through the towns and all of them are having the talking software even some of them is not working the cash-live due to the electricity problem in the state but at least the manager of those branches has make sure that they must be working and if not and then they will fix it as per their assurance to us. We found there are nice areas and also the roads are best.
During visit the Tura which is the main area of the Garo hills Mr. Jitendra who is Co-Founder and managing director of Blind Lead Trust (BLT) has been met some visually impaired leaders from those area and he taught to one visually impaired person on how to operate the ATM Machine and learned about the talking software system and also how to apply for the ATM Card so that he can teach to other visually impaired people towards the Garo hills community. They are very happy about it.
Therefore, we have completed across the state now according to the mission of this project. Hence, it is not yet come to the end there is still a need to sit and discuss to prepare the solution and to submit the report to the government especially to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) so that they will fix the needs of visually impaired customers. At the same time, according to the findings of our Director he said we need to plan for the workshop program so that we can teach to others visually impaired in the state or other states. Because there are a lot of them who do not know how to operate the machines or the cards and What are the rights regarding this for the visually impaired and this is the best thing to do for the betterment of blind people.
The organization thanks to the government MDA1 and Shanbor Shulai MLA Laban constituency for lending helping hands to the organization. Without their support we cannot proceed with this project. We are very grateful and happy and also thanks to all the officers because of their performances we can get the funding. We hope to collaborate for future projects.