Light in the Dark Event Program in Shillong Meghalaya India

Today on the 12th of december 2023 we celebrated Christmas in advance together with the Tiewnylla group which was a girls group.The Tiewnylla group has lent their helping hands to our organization as a gift, one nice Cake and some amount as a donation for the better living and progress of our organization. We are very grateful to them and pray for them and their group together for their family. They will get fresh lives and beautiful works from now on.The president of the Tiewnylla group led the small meeting in our office and spoke to us with nice and encouraging words. The second speech was from the secretary of the Tiewnylla group and she was very humble or give us a strong message with the desire of Jesus with the blessing. After that we are all standing together and praying before we have a Breakfast with the cake together with the present of two other members of the Tiewnylla group, Adviser and Treacherous. All four of them are very humble and kind people. The best thing is that they have advice related on how we can move forward for our organization and betterment of the visually impaired community. At the same time, they said that maybe this is the first time and we will see what we can do in the future. It was so amazing for us to hear that! Of course, the organization doesn’t have a permanent location because we don’t have the infrastructure or place where we can have a great building and future. We agree that they advise us about this.Therefore, the organization would like to give a big thanks and we are really grateful to the Tiewnylla group for your kindness and generosity. Your inspiration and contribution is really meaningful to our organization. We hope that we can still connect for the future and request you to please connect and share about our organization to other groups, companies etc. if you really do, we will be so appreciative of it.There is an Event program which we called (Light in the Dark) which we want society to have an experience about the world of the visually impaired always in the dark. Please come so that you will be so amazing and incredible in your lives.LIGHT IN THE DARK EXPERIENCE DATE:16TH DECEMBER 2023 VENUE: STATE CENTRAL LIBRARY TIME: 11:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Join us as we embark on a unique journey, guiding you to embrace darkness and elevate your senses. Prepare to live through an incredible experience meticulously crafted by the visually impaired. The Blind Lead Trust team promises an event that will transform your perception and offer a new prespective. R.S.V.P contact : +91 96124 09929/ +91 70053 38526 You are cordially invited to a Special Event by Blind Lead Trust and Inclusive Music School