Google docx App for Android phones accessible.

I would like to tell the world about the Google docx App for Android phones, is not accessible so much for us visually impaired people’. I have been tested it with my phone , I used lava z 60 Android is 8.0 the accessibility version of it) is 6.0. so the problem of the App it’s jamble the letter when I wrote in my phone, and quite doesn’t tell me when I wrote the alphabet if I released my finger from the keyboard, also difficulty to delete if I missing something to writing, and other.

But we will explore with it as well as we can in the BLT, I think there is no tutorials commands shortcut keys for NVDA or accessibilities but I’m not sure.I just wanted to tell that how about Nokia 8.1? I have experience in the shop store so I saw the TalkBack accessibility version is 8.1 and Android version is 9 but we can update both if new version are available, I really interested to use it) but I don’t have enough money to buy it’s very expensive. Most of the time Samsung A:10 is good enough for us visually impaired people’ to used, but I don’t know how is work of this status of phones future) am not sure how to tell you exactly my dear friends.

My first time I experience in the nazaret . hospital

On the three of April 2020 ka ne ka dei ka sin ba nyngkong ka jong nga la ioh mad ha ka ne ka Nazaret hospital, bad ngam pat ju liet ap mynno mynno ruh bad hangno hangno ki hospital ruh, hang ne nga kwah ban ya thuh ba nga dei ruh ka bom lah ban ioh ie , ha ka ne ka hospital, nga lap ba ki da piet biniah bad sumar hi yangi, hynrei dang don shi bun ki ba ngi dei ban pyrshang khnangr ba ngin dup sngew thuh, khnang ba ngin dup lah ban yeng ha la ki kjat la jong, khnang ba khnang ba ngin liat ban shaniah than ha ki wei, hynrei la da ngi long ki bom ioh ei ruh nga kwah ban ong ba ngim dei ban duh jing kyrmen

Send Photos to Visually impaired people’.

Announcements for everyone, by Director Of Blind Lead Trust Organization. Mr Jitendra Dkhar.

So we the visual impairments we would like to tell the world, if anyone needs to send us a photograph please understand that) you need to write the description or prescription. There is the option below that show you at the bottom of the photos or videos call caption, and then hid on that) then start to put the description for example what kind of photos or videos is that. It can be a letter, or man and woman, dogs, cat, lion, notice letter , documents, and so many other things that we needs. It’s depend on your own choice which thing do you want to send.

So by doing this is to helping us visually impaired person to accessible for us, so that we can be indipendently by own self to know as the topic) please respect that.

I hope that is clear. Thank you.

Helping during logdown COVID-19.

Last week Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization, he was help for one house) who has no food in their house. His name Mr Rikison Malngiang he is the one who is the first called Director, and explain for the problem in their house. He told him they don’t have any food like no rice and vegitables) at the same time he requested him if it is possible to please help us, he said! So then director conform with his mother, also she requested him for a help) then director he heard that is serious then he agreed to help them 1000 rupees so that they can buy the rice and vegitable as much as they can. Because he also he don’t have enough money,, he just concerns then he give them from his small salary that doctor Theodore moallem payed from his own poket. Rikison he is the one who is visually impaired person, so BLT has discussion About him) so then final decision we agreed for him to join with us as a fellow of BLT at least for one month as the general test and then we will see after that if we need to expand more than that or if he will be a good candidate.

This is before Director Mr Jitendra Dkhar.
Thank you.

3D Printer, step 3, and step 4.

I have learning how to fixing for the 3D Printer, through the help doctor Theodore Moallem. So we had been set up for the Z Swhich, and Z Motor) this is I do by my self I attach the Motor and also Z. Swhich on the corner of the 3D Printer. Together we lesson the video on the desktop, and we sit all together on the Mat in the floor) because we didn’t have Table yet at this time. It’s really necessary to learn more improvement for us, and then we will lead to all young visually impaired people’. I really interested , even fellows they are very interested) but as the part of learning we are not perfect but we will soon. We share round the people are sitting, and we put the 3D Printer in the middle) so that when we need to touch then we can explore or check out in which part are joining and need to fix it more things. Also the Captain of BLT Fellows, her name is Bandwina Khymdeit from Ribhoi district she was learnt all of the things and she also showed to everyone) at the same time we writing all of the name of that things in Braille notes. This is the steps that we are trying to organising by own self.

I learn about 3D printer

25 of March 2020 ,. I explore 3D printer haka ne ki don shibun ki tiar ban pyndon kam ba ngi hapban pyndait khnang ba kan long ka wei bad ngin dup ioh ban pyndon kam. Hynrei mgim patdep rea ban pynbeit yaka. Ka sien ba nyngkong nga ioh khtah iaki tiar jongka 3D Printir, kum ki ka table bed, Box Swhich,, Machine, Spatula and Plastic Filament, bad kiwei kiwei. Sngiew tynnat bha ban ioh khtah ne learn. Bad ngi kyntiew ruh ba phin wan iatrei lang lada phi interesting.

my learning about the 3 d printer

Hi friends I just want to share with you all about my learning about the 3 d printer , yesterday on the 25th of march it was my first time that i got to explore with the 3 d printer with my all friends by the advising of my joint secretary he explains us about all the things which includes in the 3 d printer also it has been advice that before we start the work we should understand first completely about it and then we can start .

When I came to joint this organization I got to explore by myself about the electronic things before that I was very scared only to touch but now when I know the circumstances it sound so interested to learnt , so yesterday also it was a good time for me to learnt  I got to touch all the parts of the 3 d printer the Spatula , the switch box, the machine which can melt the plastic, the plastic filament, the miwe habe organise it half but we habem’t ni screws, the big screws, the long plastic wire, the table, the clips, the controler, under the controller  was a buzzer which give a beeb sound and many  more we haven’t complete yet we organise only little bit, but we learnt alot.

We the visually impaired people if we want to have the right of our own we should not let others say that we are unable to do any work we should lift up every thing in a successful way.

I request to all my visually impaired friends if you have any talent or any things don’t loose hope cause you are able to do it, I would like to thank my organization that it gives me a chance to to learnt different things around the world, I also like to thank my joint secretary for giving a good explaination and had tautht me about some electronic materials.

Teaching Android phone out side of BLT Organization.

On the 24 of March 2020. I have thought one of my friend visually impaired person, his Named Waiki Snaitang he stayed in Jaiaw Shillong) but he studied in the Bethany Society and he is 20 years old.

So I thought him about Android phone through the telephone only, he is not fellow of BLT but my gold to helping for all my young visually impaired people’. And I encourage them how do we lead by own self for the future.

I thought him through his questions. Like how do he know to search on the Facebook page for the things that he needs to find out, and also how to join group, and explain him about how is work, and how to search the URL in the Chrome, and plus how to create the simple Channel on the YouTube. He is very interested and he is very happy, also he said he will ask me more after he learns this in mind, and plus he will encourage to other friends young visually impaired people’. So I also empowerment to all friends visually impaired people’ and all disabilities to come forword and let working together.

Continue Preparation for COVID-19, In Shillong.

We the Blind Lead Trust Organization, on the 23rd of March 2020. Again we have ordered 20 Bottles with the 20 leaders per each Bottle, the water dispenser for saving water in house to prevents of Corona Viruses outbreak in Meghalaya and around the world during this month of March until I don’t know when it will end of this Virus.

And we already stock and prepared the food systems, to safe our life of visually impaired people’ here.

For all the expenditure in our house of BLT, camed by Doctor Theodore Moallem. Also he is as a Join secretary of BLT. So we would like to thanks for him, he really concerned about Blind people and he always encourage for us, we trust him so much) because he never liar to us. Specialist for my self as we partner so I learning a lot from him. We are so lucky find Patna like him, if we do not met him we the blind people who has no education and no opportunities then we just sit at home.

About my self

My name is Gloria Lymgdoh I am from Khliehriat East Jaiñtia Hills District I am a free shelter for me to stay I am not a member nor fellow but I am just a part time I will be staying here till Icomplete my graduatiom so from my side I would like to suggest I need the support from anyone because I face a lot of difficulties regarding financial in completing my degree. in ST Edmund’s College Laitumkhrah Shillong I stay in Nongthymmai with the Blind Lead Trust Organization this Organizationprovideba

Experience with the traffic police in Shillong.

Just few days ago we have got the experience with the traffic police from Jingkieng to PB.

First of all, we are three people with the two wheelers) and two persons is totally blind. That is my self, and Krishna) plus Wompher who is my assistant. So Krishna and I we plan to go and buying the Suits to prepare to Attend for the Lympung of the Seng Khasi) that’ is the real religion of Khasi, and Jaintia, plus other of people who are basically in Meghalaya. We Already know that the police will not aloud three capacity with the two wheelers, but I want to see how is the traffic police in Shillong will respectfully for the visually impaired person. So then we start to ask the permission from Jingkieng, and then that homeguard starting to look to us from the beginning) then when we explain to him he understand, but he need to ask permission from his in-charge because he is afraid to give us a permission as we request him. His in-charge won’t let him to give us the permission to do like that, and then he start to advise for us to take a car for one person and two of us can follow that car from the behind. But I do not except his advice also I told him we will difficulty if we do like that because it need to go quickly and come back, so he told us to go but we need to confirm in every traffic police instead of his duety) then I except that also we do exactly like he told us. So then in the morning when we go, in every traffic police they respectfully for us as we request) there is no objection so we thanks them.

Then when we went to the market, it’s difficult to get a suits as we are compatible and opinions) so then we come late. In the evening we come back we thought we don’t need to talk to them any more, because we already did before we go. But they are changing the duety in Dhanketi, then that guy in Dhankheti he report us. Then the traffic police in fire brigade when they see us and whole or taking us to the side and he take also the key from Wompher so during that time we trying to communicate with him. So first he is talking route for us, he told us we are over for the system working and we told him not everyday we will go like this just Kapoor of the time. I ask his named he cannot tell me his named, he told me if I need to know his named we need to go to the police station, even I told him because we are blind that’s why we want to know your name. But he won’t let us know, I think every colleague of government are afraid to tell their named for the blind people. But I don’t understand what is the reasonable.

So I’m doing this is not I want to destroy anything’s, this is because I want to get the experience and understanding it will difficult to change for Shillong or not. But still need to solve the issue of the blind people for their future. I just want to request for every young visually impaired person, if you find any kind of agenda please let us solve it together, also if you need emergency to go then you have to make a plan and be full confidence.


TalkBack accessibility version development.

Hi guys, I want to developing for the TalkBack accessibility version. I want the TalkBack accessibility should not off when we need to restore the phones, at this point we the all the visually impaired person really difficulty. And plus the TalkBack all the time is stopping to talking automatically and talking again by it self automatically, as my experience this is very disrupting to work instead to move forword) because when it off or silently like that we tryed to touch in the screen then the phone is normally and gos away and plus very slowly to work as a normal Android phones. If the engineering who is making for all of the software to development for blind people can see this my request, so I really wanted to make a decision with them. What do you think guys with this matter?

First step with Rikison

9 of March 2020 i taughty Android phone screen touch and button,. Nyngkong nga la pynktah ki ei ba don ha poh ka screenbad kumno ban press ya ki button ,. X sample bad ban screen on screen off bad ban locckg nga hikai ruh kumno ban un explore ia ka screen nyngkong u shem jinjar ban learn namar um pat ju bad android mynno myn no ruh hynrei hadien shi sngi u la kiew atleast ban unlock ban explore ban thoh nuber khyndiae nga kyntu ia phi ruh kiba don jing duna kum manga ba phin ym duh jing kyrmen lada phim nang ia ki android phone namar ki don bun ki lad ki lynti na bynta jong ngi ki visually impaired

My short story about myself hi folks I just want to share little bit of my story before I joint in Blind lead trust organization and when I joint in

In previous years I was sitting idlely at home whit losing hope with out any work but when I joint I feel so excited that I learn various types of knowledge like

Android phone English learning braille computer mobility materials experimenting .i would like to thank my organization that has provided me a good knowledge cause this is my first time i gain this knowledge and i got to come forward.

Learning about arduino nga dei na ka blind lead trust organization mynta ka sngi ngan iathuh sha phi ya ka dei ei ka ba phyla ka ba nga leh mynta ka sngi nga la ion jing hikai na u Kanai bad na u Krishna kumno ba ngan tip shaphang u ta u arduino bad nga lah tip kumno ban fit ia ki ta ki pin bad ka ne ka dei ka first time jong nga


Accessible App, image to video.

This App it’s accessible for visually impaired people’ to used it. Through this App we can make from the image to video, but is not accessible at all there is some of the buttons are said unlabled button. You have to adjust your brains at the same time as we train our own brain. Until now we do not get the Apps Versions as we needed, that’s why we want to know how to make a designed by our selves. But from BLT Organization we suggested to used this we have posted on the website

App accessible for visually impaired person. this App it’s good to used for the visually impaired people’, but is not every handsets are the similar because depends on the accessibilities version. But I used, and my friend who is used it first, and he send me that Audio he was made) then I like it so much. The activities of it, we can cut, and merge, convert, amplifier, join, mixing. This is as we have tested by Mr Kamdathmu Langstang, and my self. For sure we saw this is working fine with us, but we would like to see if anyone has been any issues) and then we can look it, or review of it together as much as we can.

Practo app appointment online doctor in Shillong.

I want to tell to all my visually impaired person, one thing I found its very interesting for you. Do you know? Now we are indipendently in the world, through the technology) so we need to learn more improvement for it. Everyone of us we can try to use the Practo App, my self I already have experience it was great App to booking appointment doctor online in Shillong, and other located through of this App. I went in their Hope clinic and they giving me Medasin for fifteen days also they did me the tested Skin test, and blood test. Now I’m fine, they ask me to come back) but I didn’t go yet because I’m afraid it’s very expensive. It is very accessible for me, so if you use it please let me know how do you found it. Actually the doctor in this clinic they are nice, but I didn’t meet their Boss ( as I have checked his details from his App Practo he is president of diabetes association also you can see his named with the App only.

CORONA VIRUS Preparation Activities COVID19

Since 2 weeks before we the office of Blind Lead Trust we already have a plan to prepare for the prevention of Corona Virus through the help of Dr. Ted Moallem. We have taught to all the fellows and staff of BLT office(BLT family).
On the 4th March 2020, we the BLT office we have a workshop on how to learn so that we will be free from the bacteria, virus infection especially form Corona Virus, etc. We the Blind people we have got an excellent of teaching scale on how to prevent this virus in an accessible way.
This workshop has been leaded by Dr.Ted Moallem followed by the Dir. of Blind Lead Trust.
The Rules and Assumption that has been given to the blind people are as fellows:
i. The virus is already everywhere except in Lusy Lamare ( fellows of BLT).
ii. Nobody should touch Lusy’s face if their hand are dirty.
iii. children (Hakani Lyngdoh and Gratify Lyngdoh) are not allowed to enter
Lusy’s room
iv. Temperature should be measured for the children before they are going to school
v. The moment the children are sneeze, cough, etc they should not be allowed to enter the room (apartment).
Also the activity that has been given to the fellows are as fellows:
i. Tissue paper: we have learn how to used in a proper clean manner.
ii. Baby Wipes: in case if there is shortage of water we must used a baby wipes to clean our face, hand, etc.
iii. Hand wash: when their is water we should used hand wash to clean our hand (if we touch to anywhere)
iv. Hand Sanitizer: to kill the bacteria that present in our hand
v. Mask: to prevent so that it will not spread to others in case if we sneeze and cough.

These is the prevention that we the Blind Lead Trust had been shared,
Thank You.

First time I explore my document

I am from blind lead trust organisation so it was the first time for me that I when alone with my visual impaired friend named bandwina and kajitan to do the the smart card so the h i s co-operate with us very well so it was the first time that I feel very happy because I got my smart card by my self I also request my visually impaired friends those who don’t have a smart card you can try to stand on your own seeds and try to walk alone be independent and encourage yourself so that you will get every good thing in your life that you want

Innovation new idea.

Today is very interested. We agreed doctor Theodore Moallem and I my self to make a new designer for the Multi Meter talking project. This idea why do I want it? Because there is a lot of young visually impaired people are interested in the technologies design and explore with it, so then blind people can be able to get all of the information showing up on the screen, for example like if we want to know when we testing the Battri voltage how much is it. And then blind people can be studying in engineering and other things. Even BLT fellows some of them are interesting to learn how to use the technology, like we want to make a smart Kane, but is not like other previous designer we will testing very careful we are here a real blind people and we all are young. So we know what do we need.

personal learning with Rapido.

hi there. I would like to tell to everyone with the rapido. this is my first time to know about rapido, but my other friends they might be know for a long times because when I tryed to tell them, then one of us she already know about it who know it? Gloria she know it, from her friends they already used it before, but I don’t know what they experians. but I have tested it’s very good, I used to booking from BLT house to Nazareth Hospital, but we have to choose from which Plase to pickup address, and where to dropping address then hit that said request Rapido. then the captain who will driving the Scooty will call you, and ask you where you are then they will start to pickup you from the address that you have giving. it’s showing there even the named of the Scooty and Registration number also there is the option if you want to make a call to him. two times I have booking of it, I saw they are concern even I go together with my Daughter, so then I ask the captain so many questions then he answer all of my questions. so we are friendly with my first captain, either my second captain. the App is good, but is not so good because some of buttons is not telling me with the TalkBack version, but it’s doesn’t matter that buttons, because the important buttons is there. they doesn’t have office here in Shillong, as my first captain was told me. so blind people we are independent, but I want to encourage please dont forget to learn for Technology through of it we can billed the world.