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BLT donated to the differently able orphanage children at Umran Dairy, Ri Bhoi District

On 19 March 2022 the Blind Lead Trust reached out to the family of Vijay Singh at Umran Dairy, Ri Bhoi District Meghalaya, India by donating them some needs like mattresses, Mobile phone and vegetables. This two children were mentally retarded and the other two were normal, this family had faced lots of difficulties since the mother of the four children had passed away six years ago, Vijay Singh in order to support the family to earn their living he had to go for work and also to take care of his children. The four children of Vijay Singh had lost their education and couldn’t make an effort to go to school. The father of these children has not only faced difficulties to fulfill the needs of the family but also had a great issue where he had to come and feed his children half day during his work. So, We request you to kindly support this family who are really in need.