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Blind Lead Trust had celebrated the World White Cane Safety Day At Jowai West Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya

   The Blind Lead Trust organized the World White Cane Safety Day on 15th Oct 2022, at West Jaintia Hills Districts as an awareness program to make people aware about the importance of white cane and its benefits , assistance to those people who are visually impaired .                                         

  The visually impaired people face challenges and difficulties due to the unawareness of the people about the white cane.  The chairman Mr. Rimiki Pajuh empathized and pitted at the conditions of the people with visual impairment and he hosted the programme to give honor and respect to the visually impaired and use the white cane for their safety. The motorist ,driver and even the traffic police are not aware of the white cane which is the identity of the visually impiared.

    The white cane is the first thing to help the visually impaired and it is the sign or symbol that identifies them in society . The white cane is a friend who never betrays them at any point of life which was highlighted by Mr. Raju Maring who specially wrote the poetry about the white cane at the same time he himself  faces the difficulties while reading the poetry.  

     The people who are blind and visually impaired have  lost their rights in society. since the government cannot provide their needs . Example , the street roads cannot be accessible .

 And even the government offices are not accessible for those who are differently able.

Most of the time even the people do not feel sympathy to help  the visually impaired people , this is because of the society for which they are having a lack of awareness but it’s not we . These words were spoken by the visually impaired person Mr.Rimaki Pajuh.

      Mr.Jitendra Dkhar Director and cofounder of the Blind Lead Trust Organization  narrated that as per the census of the year 2011 the number of the visually impaired people is  2374 in the state  .He said that in some situations the people took advantage of visually impaired by snatching their mobiles phones while walking on the road or market area.  That’s why he said there should be rules and regulations set for the blind people who use white cane  and he even said that sometimes the drivers and the rider do not bother even though they could see people holding the white cane in the road. 

    Miss Ribanlin Lyngdoh who studies MSW at St Edmund’s college shillong who suffers from low vision she told about the history of the white cane and that they celebrate every year on the 15th october all over the world and Smti. Belbora Wankhar who is the secretary of Parent of children with disability was the guest of honor .She said that the government must take responsibilities to meet the needs of the differently abled people,she even adds that the government should have bring policies in the Assembly to look for the people who are differently able especially the people with visual impairment . She said that there is much support for the differently abled people.

    Shri Dr H.H. Mohrmen was the special guest on the program, he said that the previous  Government and the present Government does not take into consideration when it comes to the people with disability. He also added that the Government does not include several schemes that help the public. He also gives examples of the scheme FOCUS or skill development of the Government that does not have reservation for the disabled people. He express that on behalf of the SURE, it has offer to start a training at Moosakhia where Kelvin Suting being a master craftsman (handicraft) he himself being a blind person will teach the other visually impaired,but now the government has not approved the offer.He added that he want to see the visually impaired to be independent and not to  lean on others just like in the other countries.

    Smti. D.T.Syngai(Additional Deputy Commissioner of  West Jaintia Hills District) speaking as a special guest has also said that on behalf of the government, the government has brought many activities that will ease the person with disability,however there are still activities that need to be improved. Through the SSA it has brought up many assistance for the people with disabilities. This coming election will ease the people with disabilities.Smti. Syngai also expressed that it is grateful to hear that the band of the visually impaired under the leadership of Mr.Micky Pajuh namely “Life After Dark” has been selected by the Election Commission to represent from the state to Delhi.

On this day, a speech was given by Wommpherheimonki Lamare (Acting secretary) of Blind Lead Trust. Other members who spoke on this day were Bandwina Khymdeit and Kajetan Lipon who were the members of the organization. On this day there is also entertainment that was given by the visually impaired.  

Before starting the program to be held in Indoor Stadium Ladthalaboh, members of the visually impaired and the volunteers organized the rally starting from  stand war, Mynthong to Ladthalaboh. On this day helping assistance was rendered by the students of Kiang Nangbah College and NCC from Thomas Jones College.