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BLT General Meeting of the Board Trustee.

The Blind Lead Trust (BLT) non profit organization which is based in Shillong has been organizing the general board of meeting on the 3rd of may 2023.

So, in this meeting we have taken the decision to remove the previous trustees who had resigned and died. At the same time, new trustees have been appointed.

Therefore, our organization is very happy to see that we are moving forward and slowly starting to grow up. We will make sure that all the visually impaired community will be safe and independent in their future. Either it will be more trust from the society for the organization. We would love to fulfill the circumstances which are false for the people with disabilities especially our dream of the organization.

So, we beg to all our friends people with disabilities to kindly join us and collaborate for the welfare of our own community. Through your distribution, we can change the world together for the next generation. The organization would like to thank all of our old trustees for lending helping hands to our organization or to the society. Hence, the special thanks to our new trustees for joining us to coop up the welfare of PWDs together.