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Blind Lead NGOs Administrative Information?

These are the administration of the Blind Lead Trust (BLT) Non-Profit-Organization which is based in Shillong Meghalaya:

  1. Who is the director of blind lead trust organization?
  2. Answer; Mr. Jitendra Dkhar.
  3. Who is the secretary of blind lead trust?
  4. Answer; Mr. Wompherheimonki Lamare, acting secretary.
  5. Who is the cofounder of the blind lead trust?
  6. Answer; Mr. Jitendra Dkhar and Late Dr. Theodore M. Moallem. The two of them are partners and then begin to discuss how they can start the organization so that both can fulfill their aims and that is to protect the rights and also to bring the development for the welfare of the visually impaired in our state of Meghalaya and across the country of india. At the same time, there are (5) other trustees which were the members when we registered for the organization from the beginning.
  7. How many staff does the blind lead have?
  8. There are (6) staff which the blind lead has currently. That is (4) staff are totally blind persons and (2) of them are sighted persons. It might be increased as per the office purposes.
  9. Who are the four staff of the blind persons of the blind lead trust?
  10. Answer; Mr. Jitendra Dkhar, as the Managing Director position. Ms. Bandwina Khymdeit, as the Assistant Membership position. Mr. Kanai Debnath, as the Office Keeping Records position. Mr. Krishna Phawa, as the multi staff position.
  11. How many Trustees or Members the blind lead have?
  12. Answer; There are )7) members of the blind lead from the beginning. but due to circumstances and their personal reasons some of them had died and some of them resigned. Therefore, the active Trustees of the blind lead trust currently is, Mr. Jitendra Dkhar, Mr. Krishna Phawa and Mr. Kanai Debnath.
  13. What are the contact numbers of the blind lead trust?
  14. Answer; there is no specific telephone or Landline number for the office purpose. But you can contact directly with the person who is incharge Mr. Jitendra at +91 8787575205 or +91 8132002898 and with Mr. Wompherheimonki, +91 7641035527. At the same time, you can just simply send the email in the official email address at, [email protected].