Computer Training Course & for the blind people of Shillong?

Today we visited the NIT of Shillong, Meghalaya to finalice the system and computer lap to set up the training course for the visually impaired students/PWDs of our state and the north east of india.

Just to remind everyone:

The blind Lead has taken the initiative to request the national institute of technology of Shillong to provide the opportunity even for the blind people to study in their institute since there is no other university or institute who can provide them for the computer training course. Except that the Enable India organization collaborates with the Bethany Society which is only one institute. Actually, even across the north east there are very few institutes or universities for the blind people related to the courching center like the other people did. Hence, there is also another center which is called, composite regional center which is coming from the center where people with disabilities can gain more benefit from it.

Therefore, right now there is another new option: training courses are available at an institute NIT of Shillong doing this for the blind people and other persons with disabilities to gain a lot of opportunities inside of this institute National Institute of Technology of Shillong Meghalaya. Which means, there are many options to the PWDs right now in the north east of india. So, now it depends on how they want to be in their lives. But we want to encourage each and every person with disabilities across the northeast to please take advantage of these opportunities for your livelihood and better living. If you do, you will have a great job for yourself. If you get a great job, then you will be independent in your lives. If you are independent, then you have your passions or visions. Be hard work so that you will lessen your own burdens.

You can apply directly to the institute NIT of Shillong or you can just apply through the Blind Lead Trust organization. We are collaborating. But everything is based or provided by the NIT institute of Shillong Meghalaya. This is the best institute in Shillong city. So, do not waste your time!

On behalf of the blind lead trust organization we would like to thank the Director and assistant professor and other staff of NIT Institute of Shillong. This is our dream come true, it is your encouragement and because of your consideration and hard work. We wish you the very best of your lives.