Shillong Computer Training for the Visually Impaired Students?

The National Institute of Technology of Shillong Meghalaya:

They inaugurated the training center for the blind people in Shillong. So, I think this is the first and best institute in the entire north east of India where the blind people can pursue their computer training so that they will be able to get placement in any kind of position. Even though it is available to those people who are deaf and blind, they cannot see and cannot hear. But in this institute they provide them with the Braille keyboard where they can recognize the keys by reading with the braille alphabet. This has never been done before!

So, please pay attention and get ready for anyone who has childrens who are people with disabilities. Right now it is under the process of setting up for the syllabus and it will get ready by the month of july. We hope by that month the course will be able to start.