NECTAR of Shillong Facilitated Director of Blind Lead Trust Organization.

On the 10th of may 2024 the Blind Lead Trust (BLT) invited the NECTAR of shillong to the event in order to promote for the persons with disabilities from the state of Meghalaya.

On this day again we have showcased our organization prototypes in front of everyone which was founded by Late Dr. Theodore Moallem who is the cofounder of the Blind Lead along with Mr. Jitendra Dkhar currently Managing Director of the Blind Lead Trust Organization.

At the same time, on this day the NECTAR has been facilitated our director Mr. Jitendra Dkhar by the chief guest of this program the (technical engineering) National Institute of Technology of Shillong Meghalaya on behalf of our organization. So, we are feeling so encouraged  to see that now the people with disabilities are starting to be supported and recognized by the organization, institute and university in our state or the north east of india. But from our end are still the challenges related to making our organization sustainable due to the financial crisis, hence we will try from our level best to solve the society of persons with disabilities in the state or in the country in particular.

Therefore, on behalf of the Blind Lead Trust Organization we would like to thank the NECTAR of Shillong for their opportunity and encouragement to us. What you have done to our organization really means to us. At the same time, we really want and hope to seek more opportunities from now on for your collaboration. Please be there together with us! And if anyone wants to join hands together, the door is open for you. You can just apply through the website or you can come directly to us.