The Blind Lead Trust Had started its Handicraft Training

The Blind Lead Trust today the 3rd July 2023 has started it very own handicraft Training. The BLT handicraft training first focuses on the broom Training . The training Supervisor first teach them how to make broom using broom stick, knife and thread etc. The BLT at first focuses on broom making to teaching the trainees to make brooms. At present the BLT had 10 trainee who comes for the broom training. These trainee came from the District of Meghalaya.

Most of the trainees are visually impaired and some of them have some other disability. In this training the BLT focuses to teach the person with disability(PWDs) on how to acquire the skills and knowledge of broom making. The main objectives and goals of this training is that the organization want the PWDS to gain knowledge and acquire the skills on the training so that they can rely on themselves and not to be dependent on others.

The Blind Lead Trust who looks after the welfare of the Visually has again take the initiatives to re-open the handicraft training for the PWDs so that the PWDs can earn and gain some financial income for themselves and so they can stand on their own feet in their day-to-day life. The Organization also hope that with these training being implemented, it will help the PWDs in the society so that the trainee will get a chance to showcase their talent and skills . We also hope that they will share their experience and knowledge that they are gaining from the Organization and teach other people the skills that they have.