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COLKS visiting the Blind Lead Trust

On the 7th July 2023 members of the COLKS team organization that work to promote Regional Identity and Farmer Stability visits the BLIND LEAD TRUST as a part of their office journey. Members of the COLKS team had an interaction with the staff of the organization, whereby Director of the BLT gave them a brief description and explanation about the organization, how does it function and what are the activities and projected that have been executed by the organization. The members of the COLKS also get to observed the Broom training that were taking place at the time of their visiting.

It is such a wonderful day to witness the kindness and appreciation of the COLKS members who took their precious time to visits us. It is a pleasure to meet the team member who are really appreciates and acknowledge our work. During the visiting, the COLKS members has also brought some food items as a part of donations to our organization. Words cannot express how blessed and thankful we feel to be apart of your journey. We are looking forward to collaborate and work with your organization in the future.