inovation festival in Khanapara Assam

The Blind Lead Trust (BLT) has to represent our prototypes in the northeast level of India for the first time in the Regional Science center of KhanaPara district of Assam state:so, in this festival EXpo we have brought two projects. you may check the short description of our products here.description of the two products:ABSTRACTThe Braillex Labeler is a low-cost, pocket-sized device that enables blind individuals to produce raised braille dots on 3M Scotch® Magic™ Tape, a widely-distributed brand of adhesive cello tape, which is easily embossed with raised, braille dot-like deformations. Adhesive, braille-embossed labels or notes can then be easily applied to items and surfaces used by blind individuals in everyday life, for enhanced personal organisation, safety and productivity. Blind individuals can label medications and note dosage information, label important papers and files, label buttons and switches for device operation, note down contact information, and leave personal reminders. Braillex is small enough to be kept in a pocket or a purse, and the tape is cheap enough for regular, frequent usage, without concerns over wastage or excessive cost.WaxPen: the waxpen is the techtile or assistive device to enable the visually impaired students or blind people to write as well as a normal Pen. but it will be available and accessible for both users between the blind and sighted people. it’s designed into electronics with the Gluestick, Battery, switch, aluminum wire, etc. for instance, if the blind students want to practice drawing for the men or women etc they can do it through it and that is the sighted people can see and the blind people also can see it. through this prototype it will help to be more accessible related to the education for the visually impaired students.spoken with the judges of this festival program, they said that the WaxPen prototype is the first time for them to see this type of designer or machine. They are interested in it! so, through this program it can be more aware of the brand of the organization and the prototypes.Hence, we in our organization are still facing the challenges related to promoting the talented and the assistive devices that we have in order to contribute for the welfare of the visually impaired society or community due to the financial crisis. As of now there are no companies/individuals and NGOs who are interested to join hands with us to empower us together as real citizens of India. Even to pay salaries for the staff we don’t have the money right now. all the staff are working without the payment, but how long they can survive like that! as the organization and feel responsibility, we are so sad to see that is happening in our organization in that way. Because most of our staff are the visually impaired themself and who are suffering in their the organization we have tried as well as we can on how we can get the funding support from our citizens. but none of them are interested to do that, except the one we have on the board right now.Therefore, we as the blind people, we beg all the citizens to please join hands with us and support us to grow up so that we can develop together as well as an inclusive society. We are very happy and feel encouraged if you can collaborate or be with us whenever we have the challenges or haarder in our lives. We can understand that society suffers a lot too. But if you think about it, we the blind people are struggling in their lives. so, the question has arrived. How do you manage all of these if you become a blind? Some people cry if they see us because they already have experience in such a program for blind, we thanks to the INNOVATION FESTIVAL, February 22-23, 2024, organised by, Regional Science Centre, Guwahati, (A unit of National Council of Science Museums), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, In association with National Innovation Foundation-India, The Innovation Festival is an annual event organised every year by Regional Science Centre, , Guwahati in its premises in association with National Innovation Foundation- India. The , Innovation Festival provides a common platform to people like Innovators, Artists, , Performers, Crafters, Science demonstrators from NE regions to showcase their creation/ , products etc. The Innovation Festival is going to be organized on 22nd and 23rd February , 2024. , The Innovation Festival will have the following sections where experts from respective fields , will showcase their creativities with live demonstration. , Innovators, Artisans, Do-it-yourselves, Challenge corner, In the Innovation section, innovative products, machineries etc. will be showcased by the, people who are working in different fields for the benefit of the society. , In the Artisans section, experts working in different fields like Art, Craft, Music, Pottery, , Bell metal, Sculpture, Terracotta etc. will take part with their creativities. As a part of the , Festival, many hands-on-activities will also be conducted in the “Do-it-yourselves” and , “Challenging activity” sections especially for school students and general public.