Sensitization Program on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act-2016?

On the 5th of march 2024 the Muda Urban area Department of the state government of meghalaya in collaboration with the commissioner for  persons with disabilities conducted the awareness program related to the sensitization program on the rights of persons with disabilities act, 2016 relating to accessibility of transportation. The theme of this program was to guide bus drivers and conductors or taxi drivers in the shillong city.

The program was inaugurated by the chief guest shri. IW Angti (IAS) secretary of the MDA government and following the speech from the commissioner of persons with disabilities Smt. Sebrila B. Marak    and other important officers of the government.

As the program is gathered together on this day, drinking various drinks as we all understand is casual and the phrase means ” to open finding in the act of the rights of persons with disabilities. It is the platform that opened for the government to find out the various issues from different appeals between the People with disabilities NGOs and the bus drivers and conductors or taxi association that they can’t brief and submit together their problems. as we can see that on this day not every driver is coming to this program as a first time organized by the government. but the deputy commissioner for persons with disabilities said that they will follow them to find out why they are not participating in the program on this day. Hence, at least the drivers who have come to this program have learned a lot and they have addressed some issues that they are faced with in order to collaborate for the betterment of the people with disabilities and to be an inclusive society.

In this short program the government was intended to promote the welfare of the people with disabilities related to the accessibility of transportation and for their safety or better communication.

From the beginning the commissioner has been  addressing the issues of people with disabilities in Shillong. They still have difficulties in those areas where they have different types of problems  and face a lot of challenges in their daily lives in conveniences. so, they want to bring this program they need for the selves of a change in the awareness, the attitude they have towards the people with disabilities of the state. The commissioner said that the society should understand that the persons with disabilities are a part of the family only and which needs to be treated as well as the normal people like you treated your other childrens. She also talked about perception: like how you should look at the persons with disabilities and it helps you to be a self a change towards dealing with the people’s disabilities. at the same time, she also notice to the people in the program like how they can learn related on how to communication with the deft people through the sign language which they have develop one application named (Meghalaya signbank app). She encourages each and everyone to use it or get it done so that you will get a chance to learn about sign language.

The chief guest said that in order to make us an accessible and inclusive society for the persons with disabilities. The accessibility india campaign was launched by the Prime Minister of india on the 3rd of december 2015 where the target is made to build environment transportation system informational and technology accessible to the persons with disabilities. the chief guest said that during the time that he was looking after for the urban department befor he had tried his best to fulfill this important issue. but still they are very far from it and he was very happy to be a part of the program. from now onwards he love to participate to contribute and see that what he can do so that the people with disabilities will have a special place in the transportation, the chief guest said. he also said that, the rights of persons with disabilities is very significant based in the legislation made a insurance to individuals PWDs will have a equal access in the transportation and other services designate. the state government is also invited for the provision of the act with regards to the accessible transportation and recently is notified the state level prostitute committee for monitoring the function of the accessible of transportation for the persons with disabilities children. the program on that day is the outcome of the state level is to concentrative the committee for monitoring of the functionalities of the accessible transportation. the state government initiative need to demonstrate is commitment to sustain the inclusive so that we can continue and move forward for the future where the public transportation is truly accessible with regards of their abilities. so, let us together to empower the mobility for all and create the way of the inclusive for tomorrow, as we strive to build more inclusive community let us not forget for the important of the accessible transport and creating a world are everyone is valuable.

There are also speeches from other officers on how to guide the audience on this day. for instance, the speech by the deputy commissioner of persons with disabilities which is teach the audience about the act of the PWDs if there are anyone are against their rights.

so, this types of program it can be benefit to a lot of citizens to learn for the change from now onwards. We can witness the starting of development in this government MDA1/2 of Meghalaya.

The Blind Lead Trust Organization would like to send our gratitude to those departments who have taken seriously related to the development and empowerment towards the welfare of PWDs.

Your kindness is to lessen the burden of the citizens and people with disabilities.

The message above came from the Managing Director of the Blind Lead Trust Organization Shri. Jitendra Dkhar and he is also the Co-Founder of the organization.