photo" media collaboration meeting at civil hospital shillong'

Meeting Held at State Resource Centre on Disability Affairs

On the 20th July 2023, members of the Blind Lead Trust Organization went to attend the meeting conducted by the State Resource Centre on Disability Affairs at Civil Hospital Shillong. The meeting was attended by various Disability Association in Shillong.

The meeting was conducted to discuss on Media Collaboration of the different Disability Association with the SRC. The session was given by Josiah Lyngwa who worked in the media department in the SRC. Where, he disseminate knowledge on these topic :

(a) Understanding media and its potential impact on disability awareness

(b) Exploring effectiveness method for disseminating disability concept

(c) Potential Partnership and opportunities for collaboration between various DPOs and the SRCDA.

The main objectives if this meeting is that the SRC want to promote its own You tube Channel called MPRPD Channel by including all the disability association to collaborate and joining hands with the SRC in order upgrade their channels. The MPRPD channel is newly launch and it only meant to showcase the talent and experience of the Person With Disability. This Channel has a mission to promote or cultivate the person with disability so that people will be aware of their rights and opportunities. The Channel hope to delivers a positive message based on the experience and ideas shared by the person with disability in the form of social experiences, expression, scripted film or short video for the public so that they will understand and be aware about the challenges faced by the person with disability. The members in the meeting have shares their own ideas and experiences in order to promote the channel.

We are very grateful to be apart of the media collaboration that we can shared our own problem faced by the visually impaired. As we the visually impaired people are facing lots of problem in our day to day live because the society does not consider us important and most of the time we lose our rights due to discrimination. We hope we are able to help and collaborate positively by sharing new thing and ideas. As in a modern world, media is the one source which we can express our thought in a positive way so that the world will know and have have little knowledge about the Person With Disability.