Promote the Visually Impaired people in Shillong Meghalaya?

The blind lead trust (BLT) Non-Government Organization is happy to announce that we got to send our trustees to different training courses.Our secretary of Blind Lead Trust Ms. Bandwina Khymdeit has joined the computer training course in Bangalore (Mitra Jyothi) which is a charitable trust based for the visually impaired people.We wish her for the best successfully during her training course.This is happening because through the help of Mr. R. K. Vijay Byrsad who is the Cofounder of the Colks company which is based in Shillong itself along with his team they are very helpful and kind people. He is also the Board Member of the Blind Lead Trust.But the special thanks goes to the donors who have contributed for our secretary course till six months, including to sir Vijay Byrsad who is supporting this course. Our organization really appreciated your generation. We will praise you all that god will multiply for your hard work and kindness. The organization would like to request all the citizens to stay tuned and keep supporting us with many future activities from time to time. Your great heart and kindness will lessen the burden and build the life of the visually impaired.

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