Shillong Visually Impaired Inspiring Story?

Inspiring Story: Overcoming Challenges in Skill Development for the Visually Impaired

We’d like to celebrate Mr. Kamdathmu Langstang, a Trustee at the Blind Lead Trust (BLT), who’s nearly finished his soap-making training at Colks Company under the Meghalaya State Skills Development Society (MSSDS) in Laitumkhrah!

Mr. Langstang, himself visually impaired, shares the challenges he faced:

  • Inaccessible materials: Some tools, like thermometers for measuring heat, require sighted assistance to interpret readings.
  • Difficulty with notes: Braille is great, but writing it can be physically demanding.

Despite these hurdles, Mr. Langstang’s teacher and friends provided incredible support, explaining processes and making things understandable.

This story highlights a broader challenge: Many in Shillong and Meghalaya lack experience working with visually impaired individuals.

Here’s how we can all be more inclusive:

  • Clear communication: Avoid phrases like “look into this.”
  • Tactile learning: Let visually impaired people touch materials whenever possible to enhance their understanding.
  • Accessible notes: Provide training materials in accessible formats like PDFs (created in Word/Docs) instead of photos or scans.

Technology can help:

  • Text-to-speech apps can convert documents and photos for free.
  • The government could consider providing these tools to those in need.

The Blind Lead Trust’s vision: After Mr. Langstang’s training, the Trust will identify accessibility barriers and develop solutions for easier participation by the visually impaired.

BLT believes: Together, we can solve problems through collaboration.

Our goal: When the blind lead the blind, they can choose their own paths.

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