request & collaboration/help for financial & sponsorship.


Subject: prays & requests your collaboration/empowerment & help for the financial support.

Respected madam/sir

This is the Blind Lead Trust (BLT) Non-Government Organization (NGO) which is based for the welfare of the people with disabilities in the state of Meghalaya and in the country in particular as well.

We have registered from the year of 2018 as the public trust under the act of 1882 and also under the act of the RPWD Act-2016.

The organization is humble to request you to find out the ways where the organization can get the financial support or sponsorship for the organization so that we can implement the current projects and for the future projects which are the basis for the welfare of the people with disabilities. Please help us, we know that you have full responsibilities for our citizens. Hence, if you can please be understandable especially to the persons with disabilities who are really in need. The organization really aims to empower and promote their society.

So, as per the year passed by we have contributed a lot to the society of the people with disabilities as the small organization  as well as we can. And there are so many things we still want to bring a lot of types of development, empowerment, and employment etc.

We have launched one project called ATM Talking Software for the visually impaired customers users which was sanctioned & supported financially by the state government and it was successful.  Through this project from now onwards all the visually impaired are able & easy to use the ATM Card like the other people did. We have submitted our findings & suggestions to the government & to the reserve bank of India through the state branch.

The organization has contributed to others people with disabilities who were really in need in the past by constructing the emergency house during the disinterested humorous coming to their lives. So now they are safe.

The organizations are also jointly demanding for accessible transportation for the betterment of all the citizens, people  with disabilities of the state & the country.

There are so many things the organization wants to do & bring others development for the future to deliver & to improve for the welfare of the society. Hence, this was where the organization had done as well as we could.

Therefore Ma’am/sir, the organization would like to bring your attention to help us if it is possible related to how we can get the permanent financial support & sponsorship so that we can constitute the experts persons to help us to prepare & do the proper research if we are launching any issue/projects. Most of the time, even if we have a plan that we want to do/bring the ideas to create employment to the youth people with disabilities. But due to the financial problem we are unable to proceed ahead.

There are so many companies who earn a lot & do their business from or in the state. It might be that there are roles for them in charity like us. So, there will be more opportunities. We know that you know deepers details about it.

Maybe if you can open a new stage through it for the Blind Lead Trust as a non government organization which is based for the development of the people with disabilities organization.

There are two prototypes that we have in our organization which are based on the accessibility of education for the visually impaired students in order to make communication easier between the teacher and the VI students. Since we are focused on inclusive education, it is very important to work together related to new ideas to bring change. For instance, right now we do have the ideas & prototypes to help with better accessible education so that the blind people can have a great Blind Pen in school or college. But we do not have the opportunities.

We want to produce these prototypes but we don’t have enough infrastructure & engineering teams who are experts in this subject. Because we don’t have enough money to pay them.

We needed all of these like engineering, technical teams & materials so that we can monitor & estimate to proceed further needs.

At the same time, there is a long pending project which we really want to implement related to establishing a computer training course & coaching course center for the people with disabilities free of charge for those who are coming from poor backgram families and in the accessible ways of the persons with disabilities which can make them easy to access in our state. At present there is no center or opportunity like that for the people with disabilities. So, why not have at least one? So that it will be easy for the future generation.

Yours faithfully and positive response.

Managing Director. Mr. Jitendra Dkhar.

Secretary. Ms. Bandwina Khymdeit.

Trustee. Mr. Kanai Debnath.

Please note: the organization has every document right now, except the FCRA which is not eligible to apply for it according to the income tax rules.