The Blind Lead Trust Organized the Awareness Program on RPWD Acts

The Blind Lead Trust organized the  Awareness Program on the RPWD Acts 2016 in order to make the people aware about the rights of the Person with disability. On the 5th November 2022,   the two  staffs of BLT named Mr.Wompherheimonki Lamare and Ms. Bandwina Khymdeit along with the internship students of Martin Luther Christian University from the Department of Social Work  BSW 3rd Semester went to Mairang to give the awareness program based on the RPWD Acts 2016 (rights of persons with disability). The main  objective of this program was to make the people understand about the differently abled and the Rights of the Person With Disability 2016 . To let the people know that there are such organizations that look after the welfare of people with differently abled.  This program was hosted by the Acting Secretary of BLT Wompherheimonki Lamare and in this program there was a short role play, to make the society aware that the differently abled should not be discriminated against.

In this program the internship students were presented with  the rights of the people differently able to make the people understand. This awareness helps in subsiding the stereotypical mindset of the society, hence providing vast opportunities for everyone to get involved in creating a positive, inclusive society for all. Through this awareness, the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding those with disabilities can be brought to the forefront, ensuring the Persons with Disabilities a good and quality life, we raise a level of awareness among people about persons with disabilities and impart information on various Acts and rights of the Persons with Disabilities. The team of BLT would like to thank the internship students of Martin Luther Christian University for creating this kind of activity, because it was the first time for our organization to get to perform like this kind of activity in order to make the society understand about the differently abled.