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The BLT Invites the Visually Impaired Friends to explore the Electronic Voting Machine(EVM) whether it is accessible for the Visually impaired.

The Blind Lead Trust would like to invite the Visually Impaired friends for those who want to explore the EVM machine, as our organization had taken the  initiative to ask  permission  for exploring the EVM so that the visually impaired can cast their vote independently. The Commissioner and Secretary Chief  Electoral Officer  of Meghalaya Shri. Frederick Roy Kharkongor, IAS of State Election Commission of Meghalaya, said he  will seek the permission from the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District to give the opportunity for the visually impaired to explore the facilities of the EVM, during the appointment with the leaders of Blind lead trust on  1st November 2022. Since our citizens visually impaired are not getting used to the EVM as they are not able to see. Most of the visually impaired face the problem when it comes to voting a candidate since they are not much familiar to the machine, they are guided by the sighted to enter the secret room to vote as per their choice but the problem is that the visually impaired were not able to see whether they cast their vote as per their right choice were most of the time the sighted took advantage of the situation by casting the votes of their choice. Due to this problem the visually impaired faced challenges to cast their votes as the EVM was not accessible enough for them. The Blind Lead Trust wants to take this decision so that all the visually impaired can  cast their vote independently. The government has tried to solve as much as they can. So then, we want to take this opportunity to explore how well it is accessible before the election arrives. We also have a desire if we found that anything is not accessible, we would love to advise or provide feedback to the government. So, if there are any visually impaired citizens who want to participate on that day, kindly contact the Blind Lead Trust and provide your names so that we can register when the district administration will fix the date for us in the upcoming days. please take this opportunity because you will not get it in other times.