photo" funraisaing program by the Martin Luther Student".

The Blind Lead Trust organized the street play at Police Bazar for Fundraising

On the 18th of February the Blind Lead Trust organization had organized an event in Police Bazar (PB) Shillong at outside the old state assembly building the events was organized in order to be able to spread the fundraising campaign which the organization had raised in Ketto to empower the underprivileged visually impaired by providing a free computer training center in the organization so that they won’t have to go outside the state. The organization has also done a street play in order to make the people understand about the various drawbacks and obstacles faced by the visually impaired in their day to day life. The skit that had been played by the organization has three separate stories which highlighted the issues faced by the visually impaired and have a strong message and focus. The first part of the skit shows how the mother discriminated against her blind son that he didn’t get to educate himself just because he is blind, this first part also shows that the younger brother of this blind son also insulted him.

The second part of the skit shows how a blind girl encouraged her own blind friend to reach the goal and also inspired her blind friend until she and her friend who are visually impaired reached the Blind Lead Trust organization to educate themselves and get free training until they got the fruit of success.

The third part of the skit shows how the Member of the legislative assembly (MLA) convinced and tempted one of the visually impaired youth to vote for him. This part also shows that he also promised to pick him up from his home and to drop him when he finished casting his vote but when the time come to cast the vote the (MLA) did as he had promised to pick him up at last when this visually impaired youth reached the pooling station and completed to cast his vote the (MLA) just left him and he went away without fulfilling his promise.

Through this event and skit we would like to convey this message to the pupils that they should not discriminate against the visually impaired they must include them in the society. Also they must not tempt differently abled people. We would also like to request the people to kindly lend us your helping hand to donate to our organization. Your small amount can uplift the visually

Street play performed by BLT team along with internship students from Martin Luther Christian University