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Mr. Jitendra’s reflects about the welfare of the blind people.

Hello connection I feel as a leader of the non profit organization it is very difficult to get the funding in order to implement our projects without the financial support. And also so tuf to deal with it. This type of thing I have less experience with and do not know if anyone can help me.
The blind people here suffer in their daily lives especially for those who do not get the opportunity to complete their graduation and others who do not get a chance to study since they are born. But because they are under the control of someone else and then nobody here or sees their problems. Especially for those people with disabilities, women are very determined to lead their own lives even if they want to move forward to fight for their rights but they have no choices because their family could not support them. For some of the family even they knew exactly is not mistaken by their disabilities children but still they are quickly to compromise instead to find out more thing in deed so that they can stand and defend of their disabilities child. So then most of the persons with disabilities lose their confidence because they know that even if they want to do something and protect their rights they will not get any support to encourage their aims. Of course, that is not happening to all of the persons with disabilities. But some of those who can take on their own risk even their family try to advise them to avoid that kind of decision only you can see to achieve their goals, for instance those who are no more dependent on their family for everything.
I don’t mean to say that the parents are bad, but I just keep thinking in my mind why don’t the parents treat or encourage their disabled child like they did with other normal of their childrens. Sometime I was thinking this is happening just because we are having these kinds of problems and then we are left lonely. I am not talking for myself, I can reachout wherever I want and I can get whatever I want for now but when I was a child I was in the same position. But my hard go’s for some of my differently abled friends who do not get a chance even to go to the Lyngpung Niam Tynrai and to the temples and also to the churches. This is always happening in the rural areas, because they feel shy to bring their family members to church and other religions.

That is why sometimes the persons with disabilities don’t feel enough to stay with their family because no one can play or talk at the same time to have fun with them. If they get a chance to sit together in one place which were not so close of their family and all of them are blind or other differently abled they are feeling happy because they get to share each other their stories. Which means they are far away from the attention and stressful.

Hence, most of the people in the society thought that the persons with disabilities were grazed by god and then they are not doing anything wrong in the society. They must not be married and they must not expect such a thing which all other people do in this world either if somebody who can accept to marry with the blind people or to other persons with disabilities and then most of the people will start talking about them and they will start to judge and also to ask the question themselves. They will tell the woman or man how she or he can marry the blind person or women and how they will survive their family. What they are going to eat. She or he made a big mistake to choose of their loves, maybe everyone is refuse to choose her or he.

So, we cannot make satisfied to other people that is why I request to all the parents you should accept your child without hesitate even they are differently abled is not because of them makes them to be like that and also we cannot blames to you. What is happening is due to some mistakes and problems which we could not have predicted beforehand. At the end of the story I just wanted to let you know that we the blind people also are the same only as well as you are but we are having a disability in our body. That is why we are special to other normal people in society.

Mr. Jitendra Dkhar Director of the Blind Lead Trust Organization.