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The BLT organized the programmed for distributed the Android phone

The Blind Lead Trust (BLT), had organized a Programmed for the distribution of the android phone to the 12 visually impaired beneficiaries on the 17th September 2022, at Indoor stadium at Nongthymmai Jingkieng. On this day the 12 beneficiaries along with their parents came to receive the devices which had been sponsored by the Vision Aid and which had been distributed by the Blind Lead Trust (BLT). In this Programme the chief guest was the headman (shri. S.B. Kharshandi) of the Nongthymai Lawjynriew. The speech was given by both of them Managing Director and Cofounder of Blind Lead Trust Non Profit Organization (NGO) in Shillong Shri. Jitendra Dkhar and the Chief Guest for the purpose of this a short program to distribute the Smartphones to the beneficiaries on this day. The main objective of this Programmed is to help the underprivileged visually impaired students who cannot afford to buy the devices. Therefore the Blind Lead Trust had taken the responsibility to find out the ways and means to get the Android phone to them so that it could help them in their studies. Beside the delivery of the devices, the Blind Lead Trust (BLT) in collaboration with Vision Aid has the second objective to provide a training course to the beneficiaries on how to make use of the devices in a proper way in relation to various existing technology in an accessible way. And this training course will be held soon. We hope through these programmed and training courses will bring great blessing and impact for the beneficiaries and Blind Lead Trust organization will strive to work hard for the betterment and development of all the visually impaired community.