the SBI Shillong (Malki Branch) refuce the thump impression of the Visually Impaired.

Dearest connection;

We are a blind organization which is based in the Shillong city state of Meghalaya in the northeast of india. We are very sad to announce that to you most of the people towards here are not able to understand the capability of the blind people. They always thought that the blind people cannot do anything in this world. So, if we need anything they used to ask someone who can see to witness on behalf of us.

You cannot imagine that even though the people which you think and see are very powerful people. But they don’t know anything about the rights of the persons with disability. For instance, we have the problem with the State Bank of India which is in Shillong city itself only and it is very high ranking (Malki Branch). But they are refused the thumb impression which is the signature of the blind people and they cannot do their signature with the Pen  because they are visually impaired. That is the corporate account which is the bank account of our organization. We want to change the signatory of our bank account of our organization and all the trustees who are visually impaired. Because one of our trustees who was sighted died and then we have to change the signatory in the bank. We have brought the resolution which has been passed by the board of trustees. But the trustees did the signature with the thumb impression so the bank has refused it. I don’t know if this is appropriate for the bank to do that with their customers, Especially with the people with disabilities. This is not just because our orgself anization has faced it even though the individuals are also faced with so many times in different schedules branches of the banks. There are only kind people who will understand and stand for the rights of the blind people to protect all of the rights of the persons with disabilities as well.

Actually we need to fix this issue so that all of the persons with disabilities will not face any challenges in the future with the same issue. But we need great lawyers to deal with it. In Shillong itself, we do not find the right lawyer who can help us.

Is there anyone who can advise me on this?

Please text or call me.