what is the Blind Lead Trust Organization Activity 2024?

Blind Lead Trust Annual Report (2023-2024)

Executive Summary

This report highlights the activities of the Blind Lead Trust, a non-governmental organization (NGO) working for the welfare of visually impaired people in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, during the financial year 2023-2024.

The Blind Lead Trust focused on spreading awareness about visual impairment through various programs and exhibitions. They advocated for accessible transportation and accessible ATMs for the visually impaired. They also launched two innovative prototypes – Braille-X and Waxpen – to empower visually impaired people in communication and education.

The report acknowledges the financial challenges faced by the organization and the resulting suspension of training programs. However, it expresses optimism for future growth and highlights the ongoing collaboration with institutions like NIT Shillong for product development.

Website: https://blindlead.orgRegistration No.: 757-2018

Letter from the Managing Director, Mr. Jitendra Dkhar

The letter emphasizes the challenges faced by the organization due to financial constraints and the lack of consistent support. It highlights the need for a shift in societal perception of visually impaired people, who should be seen for their abilities rather than pitied for their disabilities. The letter expresses gratitude to the supporters and acknowledges their contribution to the organization’s work.

History of the Organization

The Blind Lead Trust was established in 2018 and is registered under the RPWD Act 2016 and the Income Tax Act. It is led by visually impaired individuals with sighted staff for assistance. The motto of the organization is “When the blind lead the blind, they can choose their own paths.”

Mission of the Organization

The Blind Lead Trust’s mission is to protect the rights of visually impaired people, empower them through education and skill development, and promote their access to equal opportunities.

Aims and Objectives

  • Undertake programs for the personal and socio-economic development of visually impaired people.
  • Promote awareness about the rights and abilities of visually impaired people.
  • Advocate for public utility initiatives that benefit visually impaired people.

Activities Report

  • Light in the Dark Event (December 16, 2023): This event, in collaboration with the Music Inclusive School, aimed to raise awareness about blindness by allowing sighted people to experience navigating in darkness.
  • Inauguration of House for Visually Impaired Lady (May 6, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust helped inaugurate a house for a visually impaired woman named Mari Kyndait.
  • Internship Program (May 9, 2023): The organization provided internship opportunities to students from Martin Luther Christian University, including a visually impaired psychology student.
  • Talking ATM Project Survey (May 9, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust conducted a survey across Meghalaya to assess the availability of talking ATM software and trained visually impaired people on using ATMs.
  • Meeting on Accessible Transportation (June 6, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust participated in a meeting organized by the State Commissioner for Persons with Disability to discuss accessibility issues in public transportation.
  • Review of Spectacles for Visually Impaired (June 21, 2023): The Director of Blind Lead Trust was invited to review spectacles designed for the visually impaired by Vision-Pro company. The review identified limitations and high costs associated with the product.
  • Handicraft Training (July 3, 2023): The organization initiated a handicraft training program for people with disabilities, including visually impaired, locomotor and speech-impaired individuals. However, due to financial constraints, the program was temporarily suspended.
  • Visit from Colks Company and National People’s Youth Front (August 1, 2023): The visitors expressed their willingness to help the organization find new avenues for support.
  • Memorandum of Understanding with RBI for Talking ATMs (August 3, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust submitted a proposal to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requesting collaboration to ensure talking ATM facilities for visually impaired people in the state.
  • Awareness Program on Accessible Transportation (August 12, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust participated in an awareness program organized by Ferdinand Lyngdoh to highlight the challenges faced by people with disabilities in using public transportation.
  • Publicity Efforts (August 25, 2023): The Blind Lead Trust visited the Shillong Press Club to promote the organization and its activities.
  • Patent Process for Braille-Labeler (August 29, 2023): The Director of Blind Lead Trust initiated discussions with the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Shillong to register the patent for the Braille-X