Celebration 0f world white cane safety day on 15th October 2021 at All Saint Hall Malki Ground ,Shillong

Photo  ( After the programme had a group photo session at All Saint Hall ,IGP Shillong
After the programme had a group photo session at All Saint Hall , IGP Shillong

Hi folks, at all these times you have got my experiences through my post so I just want to update you on what I’ve done last year on the 15th of October.
The 15th of October is known as an International World White Cane Safety day where all the visually challenged celebrate to make it as a remarkable day of the White cane.
Therefore, I too had got an experienced where we had celebrated a World White Cane Day in my organization in collaboration with one association who also looks after the welfare of the visually impaired that is the Meghalaya Liberation Association Of Visually impaired(m.LAVI) to make the people aware about the White cane ,the White Cane is the only eye for the visually impaired whether in the light or in the dark, it also symbolizes the independence. This is the first time that we celebrates the World White Cane Day in our organization, on this celebration we arranged a program and a rally in order to spread an awareness so On the function I’ve got the first experience to be a Master Of ceremony to host the program, being a host in the program was very easy, I feel so excited to host the program and to experience new things in my life. On this occasion we’ve invited some visually impaired to participate in the program in order to follow the protocols of all the press media and the chief guest named Pastor Phidolis Dkhar the Secretary of the Bible Society of Meghalaya. We held the function at all saint hall Malki ground Shillong at 12 pm. and ended at 2 pm.
I hope that I will get to celebrate World White Cane day once again in order to raise the awareness to all the people to understand about the White Cane.
The chief Guest before giving a speech handed over the two boxes to the Director of my organization (Blind Lead Trust) which was the English Bible Braille and forty white canes.
Blind Lead Trust participated on Signature Campaign at Khyndai Lad, Shillong