Celebration of 1st Death Anniversary for (Lt)Dr. Theodore Moallem

On the 7th of April 2022 We the Blind Lead Trust had celebrated the first death anniversary for the life of Doctor Theodore Moallem. On this celebration for this first death anniversary were participated by the members of BLT, parents of our members, Rev. P. Dkhar, Mummy Rebeca, Kong Sahina Kharmuti. In this Programme, The BLT had called the Camera Man from Shillong today to do the documentary in order to make this day a remarkable day to remember the sweet memories of our Beloved father of BLT (late) Doctor Theodore Moallem. On This program Bandwina Khymdeit the assistant Membership of BLT hosted the programmed, experiences related with Doctor Theodore Moallem was shared by the Director of BLT Shri Jitendra Dkhar, the presentation were done by the acting Secretary of BLT Wompherheimonki Lamare, expressing gratitude were done by our fellows and trustees, speech were given by Rev. P. Dkhar, vote of thanks was done by Gloria Lyngdoh the Border of BLT, this program was going on successfully and this day was a great and successful. This day was a special day for us in the Blind Lead Trust Organization and it is a remarkable day to remember our experience and teaching of Late Dr. Theodore Moallem. On behalf of the Blind Lead Trust we wish him to rest in peace and he was a tough leader and also he was a man which the blind people can trust. Everything he had done belonged with the activities of the Blind Lead Trust Organization. We miss you Ted. so, we thank all the participants for the small program today and the special thanks go to Ted’s family and their loved one at the same time to all the friends who have lent their helping hand to the Blind Lead. We from the Blind Lead Trust Organization request everyone to kindly lend your helping hand to us once again, your generosity is safe for life and it will bring the changes and also the development for the future of Blind people in Shillong Meghalaya and across the country. Thank you so much for your donation and your support. Please share this campaign to your friends.

(Lastly gone yet but not forgotten )

photo"members of the BLt paid tribute to (L) Dr,Theodore Moallem.
Members of the BLt paid tribute to (L) Dr,Theodore Moallem.