photo"Shri.Jitendra Dkhar and the Student in the Exhibition program".

Exhibition Program with the National Institute of Technology Shillong

The Blind Lead Trust Organization got to attend an exhibition program conducted by the science and Technology department at the State Convention Center of Shillong On the 23rd of march 2023. In this program the National Institute of Technology of the state Meghalaya brought us to those programs under the leadership Dr. Bunil computer science of NIT Shillong.

photo"Shri.Jitendra Dkhar explain about the Braille-X and Wax-pen to the students".
Managing Director of BLT Shri.Jitendra Dkhar explained the students about the Braille-X and Wax-pen.

In this program the blind lead got the opportunity to introduce our own prototypes of assistive devices which were founded and designed by late Dr. Theodore M. Moallem and he has granted that these prototypes belong to the Blind Lead Trust Organization which he also himself is a co- founder of the Blind Lead Trust. So, we found that on this day the people are very interested in these prototypes named the Braille-X and the Wax-Pen.

Through this program it was a great experience for us, because we have never got a chance to attend like this kinds of program before. It is a great experience at least for me! At the same time, for Wompher Lamare who is one of the acting secretary of the Blind Lead Trust Organization also told me that it was the first time experiencing this. It helps us to learn how to communicate with people.

We also thank all of the team members of the NIT university of Shillong especially to those who are collaborating with us related to our organization’s prototype projects and also to the Director of the university for allowing us to proceed with these projects in their university. So, we do hope that through their leadership we can promote the welfare of the visually impaired community for their accessibility and benefits. The organization will try our best as much as we can to produce it to the society of the blind people.

photo"Shri.Jitendra Dkhar and the Student in the Exhibition program".
Managing Director of BLT showcasing the Braille-X and Wax-Pen that are usually used by the Visually Impaired.